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Unexpected beauty uses for lipstick - Care Beauty

Unexpected beauty uses for lipstick

In addition to coloring the lips, completing makeup and enhancing the feminine look, it carries

The lipstick in its little tube holds many secrets, represented by its uses

An unexpected aesthetic in the world of make-up, which makes his role go beyond the previous tasks,

It extends from the narrow lip frame towards other parts of your face. You are mistaken if you are




You think it’s confined to your lips, and you realize your wrong thoughts after you look up.

On the following uses, follow us!


1- The blush:


Lipstick can turn into blush, and replace it when needed, especially if it is pink, where you can put a very small amount of lipstick on one of your fingers, and rub


Your cheeks are upwards, as long as they are well blended, so that you will notice that you will get a result similar to that of the blush.


2- Hide gray hair:


There is a group of lipstick colors, specifically dark brown, that is used for aesthetic use of another kind. Instead of coloring the lips, it goes upward towards the hair strands, so that it hides the strands of the lips.





White or gray hair. It is often used by young girls who suffer from this problem, and do not want to resort to dyes.


3- Eye shadow:


Lipstick can play a double role, and it turns from the makeup of your lips to the eyes, so if you suddenly notice that the eye shadow box is not in your makeup bag, resort to it


Provided you know the most appropriate color, and use a very small part of it, and put it on the eyelids, then mix it well. Thus, it turns into something similar to eyeshadows with a creamy texture.