Types of Logos and Their Names Your Comprehensive Guide to Studying Logos


You see it on everything, in the radiator, in the car, and even on the Internet. You might think that they are just icons designed to the taste of the designer, but in reality they are bigger and more complex than that.

The advertising logo, the brand logo, or what is also known as the Logo; It sums up the essence, value and vision of your entire brand. Each brand has its own advertising slogan that distinguishes and indicates it, and tells the onlookers its story from just a look.

There are many different types of logos, and each type has its own name, system, and method. The company or brand  chooses the type that fits its narrative and specialization, and explains to its target audience what it is embracing and doing.

In short, a successful advertising logo design is one that leaves the most powerful impression the first time and every time the customer sees it, no matter where and what surroundings they see it.

There are three main categories of logos: images, words, and combinations.

In this guide, we collect for you the most important types of logos and their names that fall under each category; Choose from many categories the kind that you want your brand to have, and your audience also wants to see it!

Types of logos and their names

1) Brand Mark . Logo

Brand symbol logo template

Or what is also known as pictorial marks, this type of symbol or icon is designed that usually has its origin – or represents – a realistic object.

By this we mean a clear, simplified representation of an object, such as a tree or a ball. This element can tell independently what the company is doing directly – like the famous play mark in the YouTube logo, or play around with the name of the company a little.

Brand symbol logo features

This type is generally easy to remember and clear. For example, if you provide a service, you can express this service clearly with a graphic drawing that communicates the meaning to your customers clearly and easily.

The simplicity of the design will also give it more value and meaning when it is used on other marketing materials such as letters and business cards.

Tips for using the brand symbol logo

Be careful using this type if you are new to the market or don’t yet have a lot of followers.

Although this type is a hallmark of companies that want to differentiate themselves, you need to have some fan base in order to be easily recognized and understood.

Otherwise, your logo may not be able to do its job to your customers: explain the brand’s content and mission. The problem that may result in them losing enthusiasm and interest in the company completely before there is a real interaction between them and it.

And of course, we do not forget to tell you that if you plan to extend and expand your products activities to include more products and services, this pictorial symbol that you initially moved may not express all that you offer in the future.

Also, this style may be best for you if the company name itself is long, or you want to communicate a message, idea, or feeling to customers.

This type also works very efficiently if the company operates globally, especially if the name is difficult to translate, or does not have the same meaning in a foreign language as its original language.

Examples of companies using the brand symbol logo

  • Apple: The famous symbol of the apple, which stands for knowledge.
  • Twitter Twitter: Bird symbol, indicating the Twitter mission on which the platform was originally built.
  • Target: Target code.


2) Abstract Logo

Abstract logo template

Unlike a figurative logo, an abstract logo rests on the base and foundation upon which the whole brand is built. That is, he looks at the bigger picture rather than focusing on the details.

An abstract logo is also made up of a symbol, but in this case it’s one that’s specifically designed for the target brand, its goals, and its story.

These symbols may not resemble symbols or figures of reality, but they are designed to express something specific about the company.

Abstract Logo Features

There is always room for more creativity in this genre; Because you’re designing a logo that expresses something specific, like values; So there are no limits or restrictions like those that shapes and images from reality impose on you.

In this case, if you are a company that offers several exceptional services or features, having an abstract logo may be perfect for you; Because there is always room to design and photograph something extraordinary and extraordinary that matches your company’s exclusivity.

Tips for using an abstract logo

In this genre, you always have to take care of every detail, and try to tweak and improve until you are sure that the logo is now able to communicate its message to the world immediately upon release.

You don’t want your logo to look unkempt, poorly structured, or even difficult to understand.

On top of that, try to keep it fairly simple. The many details inside the logo may not look the cutest thing at all especially if it is printed in different sizes and quality.

Examples of companies using the abstract logo

  • Airbnb
  • Pepsi
  • Microsoft

3) Mascot emblem – Mascot

mascot logo template

This type of promotional banner can be said to be one of the funniest and most familiar. What we mean by mascot is that they are images or drawings of a character whose role is the visual representation of your brand in all forums and settings.

You can think of her as the spokesperson for your brand, around which most of your advertising and marketing practices will revolve.

Features of mascot logo

This type of logo gives a feeling of warmth and reassurance; Which, as you know, contributes to customer feedback and feedback on this brand. 

And there is nothing more capable of impressing and fascinating children than tangible, realistic characters that they can touch and have in their lives, and cute items that are made just for them – think of McDonald’s clown, for example.

Tips for using the mascot logo

You should also know that the type of mascot of the logo may not be the best example of an advertising slogan for a company working in the field of legal advice or accounting business. 

If you are considering using this type; It is necessary to know exactly the market you are targeting, the nature of the target customers in it, and whether this type will be popular – and even morally acceptable – or not.

And if you want proof, then we present to you the case of the famous Camel Cigarettes company, which, as its name suggests, specializes in the sale and circulation of cigarettes and smoke. 

For a full 10 years the company has launched and run a campaign based on their company’s mascot called Joe Camel or Old Joe. Which in the end achieved huge profits estimated at millions of dollars

This is all good, isn’t it?

No, it’s not good. The story does not end here.

The company was forced to withdraw and suspend this campaign in 1997 in the face of an impending lawsuit accusing it of using the Old Joe character to target children!

Proof of this lawsuit was the company’s generation of sales estimated at more than 470 million dollars from teenagers and young adults since the beginning of the campaign!

What we mean here is that you have to carefully study the quality of the market, the category you are targeting, and even the ethical aspect of this targeting. Because if you are a company that sells a product that is often used by adults, be very careful with this type of logo. 

When can you use the mascot logo?

And since it likes children and young people more and even the family atmosphere, you can use this model of designs if your company is targeting these categories; It will be a fertile model for cross-platform marketing, and even for customer-generated content.

Usually families like to take souvenir photos next to the famous McDonald’s clown and share them with their friends.

However, remember that the mascot is only part of the brand and logo. You may not be able to use it in full on all of your marketing materials. For example, a graphic that is complex or too detailed may not look good on a business card. 

Therefore, if you want to use it, we advise you to go to point number 7.

Examples of companies using the mascot logo

  • Kentucky
  • Pillsbury _


4) Text Logo – Wordmark

sample logo text

This type includes types of logos that depend on text only, whether this text is the name of the company or only one letter or the first letters of its name.

That is, this type is writing and placing the company’s name (or related initial letters) in a specific font. This type of logo is distinguished from other types of logos by its very simple nature.

By using several letters, it is very effectively possible to organize and indicate the long name that a brand has.

For example, which is easier – the National Aeronautics and Space Administration – or – as you know – NASA?

Text Logo Features

This type of logo does not give room for error or guesswork when customers see it; It clearly indicates the truth, name and nature of the brand.

And because the text logo is about the design of letters only, so it is one of the most versatile and extensive options and can be used easily in any marketing element and material.

Also, if your company has a distinctive and catchy name, this is the perfect way to signal and draw attention to it. Which alone can play a huge competitive advantage for your brand.

Tips for using a text logo

Sometimes the use of this type of logo is useless or even counterproductive. Especially if the name, for example, does not say much about the company’s activity or what it indicates, or that it has a name that belongs to a person and not something related to the commercial field; This can lead to customer confusion or even just complicate building a good reputation and knowledge about the brand as a whole.

When can you use a text logo?

It is the best option for you, especially if your company is new and has a new idea to the market, and you need to get to know and familiarize with it early. Make sure that the name is short, a long name can lead to a lot of confusion and randomness.

Examples of companies using the text logo

  • Subway
  • Uber

5) Lettermarks

letter logo template

In continuation to the previous type, the type of lettering logos is one of the types of text logos and their names. Where a letter or several letters (usually the initial alphabets of a brand name, especially in a language other than Arabic) are used to design the advertising logo around it.

Characteristics of the letters logo

One of the advantages about this type is that the world now loves acronyms and achievement, and this is evident even in conversational style (eg BTW, OMG, BRB and other quick language acronyms).

It was natural, then, to find names of companies and brands using the same method, from news networks such as CNN, to luxury car companies – BMW. 

Even three-character domain names, for example, are becoming more expensive and more difficult to find.

The beauty of this type, or of abbreviations in general, is to convert long and complex names into their simplest form that enables customers and individuals to easily circulate, pronounce and refer to them; Which, in the end, means a wider, more influential reputation for your brand.

And these lettered logos are even easier to design, launch, and use on different platforms and materials, so if you’re a startup or small business and you want to get things done, you know where to go now.

Tips for using the burn logo

Yes, we said it’s one of the easiest to design, but the horsetail here is the type of font you’re using. Whether the font is simple or complex, you should always use it to your advantage and to make it easier for customers to remember the name and look of the brand.

You may also want to include the full brand name under this abbreviation, especially in marketing materials that stand in the front line of your brand, such as labels, landing pages, website.; To enable customers to form even a simple link between the company name and this logo.

When can you use the lettering logo

You can use this type if your company name is definitely long and needs an acronym. Putting it in its abbreviated form will simplify the design to the greatest extent, and thus customers will be able to easily conjure it up.

And because it is easy and clear in nature, it can be used in any type of projects and companies. Just make sure you surround it with all the superior visuals that enhance its value and meaning in the minds of the beholder.

Examples of companies using the letterpress logo

  • IKEA
  • CNN
  • FedEx


6) Letterforms . Logo

Letter Shapes Logo Template

You can consider the type and name of this logo as well as one of the most important types of text logos and their names, or even a cousin of the monograms – Monograms that you read about in the previous paragraph.

Letterpress logos are simply one letter that makes the whole promotional logo and nothing more. The design is certainly appropriate, attractive and meaningful; Because it’s a little hard for a single letter to mean a lot, you know!

Characteristics of the letter shapes logo

This type is characterized by ease of expansion and use in more variety than others. When your banner is just a letter, you can put it on just about anything and it will look just the same every time!

That is surely if backed by a strong color palette, fonts, and brand building elements, the result here will be superior.

Tips for using the lettering logo

Because it literally consists of one letter, everything about the company’s body is summed up here. It’s either easy to remember, distinctive, and makes your company stand out, or it doesn’t mean anything at all.

It should be paired and combined with other visual elements – such as colors or shapes – to enhance its visual meaning and enable customers to make a mental link between it and the company.

We cannot stress enough that the font should be clear and easy to read.

Examples of companies using the letterpress logo

  • McDonald’s
  • WordPress
  • Yahoo

7) Combination Marks

Embedded Logo Template

The name explains itself; This type of logo combines images, letters or words within the design.

Here you can use any combination of images and words you want, or mix a mascot design with a letterform, or a Monogram design with an abstract image. anything you want.

Embedded Logo Features

One word: variety.

Everything is here at your discretion and according to your taste to combine and mix it and come out with the design you want and express your company the most.

This type also makes it easier to redesign visual identities, for example you can put the company name with an image (whether it’s an mascot or an abstract) and eventually customers will be able to recognize them as one element.

Nike was able to do this with the famous (True) mark, some products only have the name, some have the mark and some have both. In any case, customers can identify them every time.

Tips and Cautions for using the Embedded Logo

By diversity, we don’t mean that everything is available or exaggerated. Clearly define the visual elements that you want to distinguish about your brand, and that you want customers to know about you by… then see how you can combine them in harmony and in an orderly manner.

As we have said, this type is distinguished by its diversity and multiplicity of options and uses, as it is highly unique and dedicated to the owner company. It is one of the most widely used and popular types among companies today. So you can use whatever business model your company has.

Examples of Companies Using the Embedded Logo

  • Taco Bell
  • Toblerone

8) Emblem Logo

Badge Design Shame Model

This type is distinguished by its unique subtleties and details, which distinguish the company, institution, or even the owner country, and is very similar to those royal seals and elegant design patterns.

Badge Design Logo Features

What distinguishes this type from other types of logos and their names, is their ability to remain in the minds and minds of customers for long periods of time, with a high degree of professionalism, and the link between your company and elegant traditions.

These logos also give a touch of timelessness and elegance to your brand. What would you like more than for your customers to feel like you know exactly what you’re making because you’ve been doing it for so long?

Tips and Cautions for Using the Badge Design Logo

When designing this type of logo for your company, always think about scaling and applying to multiple platforms and occasions. Intricate or highly detailed logos usually don’t look as elegant on smaller or even larger screen sizes and screens.

And badges don’t give you the same flexibility as Combination Logos; So you should always trust and confirm the final choice before releasing it to the world. 

You can use the badge logo if your company or organization belongs to the public sector or an educational institution such as schools or educational platforms in general.

It is also very suitable for private sector companies specializing in the food and beverage industry. But you have to be careful with the details, too much of it can backfire. Like we said, you always want your design to look clear and easy to distinguish on different platforms.

Examples of companies using the logo design insignia

  • Starbucks
  • Superman

9) Dynamic Marks Logo

dynamic tags logo template

You can consider this type of logo of the millennium. Unlike other logos, this type adapts within the context in which it is used.

This means that instead of using standardized visual elements of colors, text and fonts within your logo design, you can change and tweak these elements to match different marketing materials, both electronic and print.

Dynamic Tags Logo Features

You can get creative with this type as much as you like. This is because you have limitless media and platforms to build your brand on, from website, digital platforms and advertising, to physical products, print materials and more.

In all these cases, you can modify your advertising slogan to suit it, and perform its purpose to the fullest extent in front of the target audience.

This style also keeps your audience in a state of constant excitement and alert to what they can be waiting to see on each platform your brand is on.

Tips for using dynamic tags logo

As diverse and interconnected as this genre is, you have to be alert and consistent across each platform. Remember that customers associate once with color, again with icon, and third with font. If you keep adjusting and changing these details, its power and meaning in the eyes of your customers may fade.

Always keep your company’s message clear and resonate in the minds of the public.

Examples of companies using dynamic tags logo

  • Nickelodeon
  • AOL

now your turn!

Now that you know the types of logos and their names, your role is now to cooperate with a professional designer to design the type and style you want. Or if you already have technical expertise and want to combine it with your brand idea, you can start now