Two recipes for removing excess hair

Here, dear ones, in this article from our magazine, there are two recipes for removing excess body hair, and with repetition, its appearance will gradually disappear.


the ingredients


Two tablespoons of chickpea powder


spoon of white vinegar


How to prepare


Madam, mix the two ingredients well and then apply the mixture to the areas where you suffer from the spread of excess hair all over the body and leave the mask until it dries completely, then wipe with a piece of soft cotton and the hair will go away easily and without torment.


Another recipe for easy hair removal with red lentils, honey, sandalwood and earth clay


Red lentils help get rid of hair, and also exfoliate the skin. And her method is: [*]


the ingredients


Half a cup of red lentils.


1 tablespoon of ground clay (fuller).


A teaspoon of sandalwood.


Two tablespoons of raw honey.


electric grinder


How to prepare


Grind the lentils well with an electric grinder.


Put two tablespoons of lentils in a bowl, then add the rest of the ingredients to it.


Mix the ingredients together to get a paste, and then apply it to the places where you have excess hair.


Leave the paste on the skin for 20 minutes or until it dries.


Rub the paste while cleaning the skin in the direction of hair growth.


Wash the skin with cold water.


Repeat the recipe regularly, several times a week

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