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Try the “Nail Slugging” trick… the most famous on “Tik Tok”

You may have heard about the health benefits of the famous “Slugging” on the “Tik Tok” platform, which was previously followed on the skin and hair, in which a thick layer of Vaseline is applied before bed, to obtain the maximum amount of moisture.


The latest trend of “slugging” has now reached nails, amid the huge nail trends of the moment, especially presses, gels, and acrylic patterns in different colors and shapes, without regular breaks and proper nail care, they tend to leave nails brittle, and the skin looks more It gets worse when it wears out, so beauty bloggers on Tik Tok have thought of the nail slugging trick.


Nail Slugging.. what is it?

Skin care expert, Dr. Charles MD, recently made a case to “Tik Tok” to curb your nails as much as possible, and said in a video clip, through his account on the famous platform: “I’ve heard about skin slugging…but what about nails?”

The doctor confirmed that acrylates (components found in nail products) can damage nails, so nails, in turn, need an oily substance through “nail slugging”, to protect them from damage, and make them stronger and less brittle.

It wasn’t long before TikTok nail geeks moved on to share how they did a nail slugging trick to become a “trend” on the podium, where participants put a dab of petroleum jelly on their nails and the skin around them, massaged them in, and left it on overnight. For a great result the next morning.



What are the benefits of Nail Slugging?

Dr. Charles MD, co-author of the Nail Slugging Trend, confirmed the use of an oily substance, oil or even hand cream, to increase the hydration that the skin and nails absorb, and the oil helps retain moisture from the hand cream, so it really makes sense to mix the two. Apply moisturizer first, and a drop of oil, then massage them together.

You can also apply oils intended for the body and skin such as almond or coconut oil, and it is preferable to avoid the use of perfumed creams, or creams that contain many exfoliating acids, to prevent any allergies from forming.

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