treatment with honey, the healing miracle of honey

treatment with honey, the healing miracle of honey





Man has known honey since ancient times, and used it for food and treatment. For example, some ancient documents indicate that the Assyrians used honey for treatment, just as the Pharaohs used it for the same purpose more than 3,000 years ago. One of their books contained a complete description of the therapeutic properties of honey, which stated: “Honey helps It helps heal wounds and treats diseases of the stomach, intestines, and kidneys. It is also used in treating eye diseases, as it can be applied in the form of ointment, compresses, or lotions, and internally orally.”


In China, doctors used to treat patients infected with smallpox by applying honey to their skin because they saw that it accelerated the healing process of skin blisters resulting from smallpox infection.


As for the ancient Indians, they used honey to treat some eye diseases such as cataracts.


Hippocrates used to coat wounds with honey and treat pharyngeal, laryngeal, and other infections with it. He described it as a soothing cough and absorbing moisture from the source.


After that, the Muslims came and their use of honey expanded, in confirmation of the words of God Almighty in the description of honey ((And your Lord has revealed to the bees, “Take houses from the mountains and from the trees and from what they erect, then eat of all the fruits. Follow the paths of your Lord, humbled. From their bellies comes forth a drink of various colors, in which there is healing for the people. Indeed, in that is a sign for a people who reflect.) Surat An-Nahl, verses 68-69.


And the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said, as reported on the authority of Ibn Abbas, may God be pleased with them: “Healing is in three things: a cup of cup, a drink of honey, or cauterization with fire. He forbade my nation from cauterizing.” Narrated by Al-Bukhari.


On the authority of Ibn Masoud, may God be pleased with him, he said: The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “The two cures you must do are honey and the Qur’an.” It was narrated by Ibn Majah in his Sunan, Ibn Mardawayh, and Al-Hakim, who authenticated it, and Al-Bayhaqi in Shu’ab Al-Iman.


Modern science came to confirm the medical benefit of bees. Research has shown the role of honey in treating burns, wounds, and skin ulcers and healing them without leaving traces. This is due to honey’s ability to kill germs and bacteria and its ability to produce collagen, which helps in healing without distortion or traces.


Studies have also shown the importance of honey in treating mouth and dental problems and the resulting bad breath.


Other studies have shown the role of honey in treating corneal diseases, and also its role in treating peptic ulcers and diarrhea, and research is still ongoing to uncover this medical mine full of healing miracles.


How to take honey for medicinal purposes


It is preferable to consume honey as a solution in water to facilitate the absorption of its components

The best daily dose for an adult is 100 grams per day, taken one and a half or two hours before eating, or three hours after eating.

The best daily dose for a child is 30 grams

It is necessary that the treatment program continue for a period of no less than 60 days


Honey adulteration


Honey can be adulterated in several ways, such as adding a sucrose solution, a commercial glucose solution, an invert sugar solution, or molasses


The surest way to detect the components of honey and determine whether it has been adulterated is to analyze a sample of it in the laboratory

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