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Treatment of cracked feet with Vaseline - Care Beauty

Treatment of cracked feet with Vaseline


Vaseline for the treatment of Cracked Feet

We note that many of us are standing on our feet all day and this is a reason in the presence of cracks on the feet, it is necessary to pay attention and maintain the health of the foot, if you are a cracked heel, surely you will notice dry skin and peeling and deep cracks in the skin, because the cracked skin] :


 Apply a thick layer of Vaseline gel during the night on the heels immediately after bathing .

When the skin becomes smooth and wear a pair of cotton socks to keep the Vaseline where gives cotton skin on your feet to breathe .

Vaseline provides a sealing barrier and locks in moisture to help moisturize dry skin and contains B vitamins, it also helps protect the heels from further dryness and cracking and compensates for the lack of vitamin B3 deficiency in cracked heels, try this before bedtime to help replenish moisture, support and protect the natural regeneration process of the skin during sleep .

Treatment of Cracked Feet with Vaseline and starch


Starch .

Vaseline . [2]

Method of use

Put your feet in warm water and carbonate for 20 minutes, to open the pores of the skin on the feet and remove unwanted odors .

Bring a plate with hot water and put another empty plate inside .

Put a small amount of Vaseline hanging inside the empty plate and stir slowly, and you will find that the Vaseline dissolves and becomes in the consistency of the cream .

After the Vaseline dissolves add two tablespoons of cornstarch and stir well .

Add the mixture to the Cracked Feet and rub them in a circular manner until the skin penetrates .

Put on coarse socks and go to sleep and you will notice the difference in your feet in the morning .

You can use this mixture in any place affected by the crack in the body, it can be used on the hands easily however not recommended to use it on the lips also must be tested first P Small Area to identify the interaction with your body .

Treatment of Cracked Feet with lemon and Vaseline


Vaseline . [2]


Method of use 

Clean your feet with a well-applied towel .

Put your feet in hot water for a full 15 minutes and then rinse with a sanitary towel .

Add a tablespoon of Vaseline with a spoon lemon and stir well .

Add the mixture to the cracks of the feet and continue to grease the mixture gently round until it is completely absorbed .

Wear a soft cotton sock .

Recipes for cracking feet with Vaseline

Here are natural recipes for treating cracked heels :

Peeled honey and sugar

The antibacterial properties of honey and the properties of sugar peeling make it an excellent moisturizing remedy to eliminate dry and cracked heels :

Mix two to three tablespoons of honey in 4-5 tablespoons of sugar with 1 tablespoon Vaseline

 Gently massage this scrub on the heels and soles .

You can also make a foot bath by adding one glass of honey to a basin filled with warm water .

 Before going to bed, tap your feet in this bath for 20 minutes then rub them with a pumice stone .

 You can follow either of these two methods twice a week .

Mask banana and avocado

Ripe banana is one of the best natural remedies for cracked and dry heels, thanks to its moisturizing properties, on the other hand avocado is a rich source of essential nutrients that help treat dry skin .

After washing and wiping the feet thoroughly mash a ripe banana and half an avocado in a soft dough with the addition of a Vaseline spoon and apply to the cracked areas .

 Let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes until you move your feet in some moisture .

 Wash your feet with some warm water and soak them in a basin filled with cold water .

 After about 5 to 10 minutes, wipe dry with a clean cloth .

 Do this daily for a few days .

Mask paraffin wax and coconut oil

While paraffin wax helps soften the skin, coconut oil on the other hand helps greatly to heal cracks and provide instant relief .

Mix a tablespoon of paraffin wax with a few drops of coconut oil and petrolatum, bring up the wax begins to Melt .

 Leave to cool and apply to the cracked areas .

 To get the best results, do the catcher daily before going to bed and wear a pair of socks .

Covers catcher in the morning .

Rice flour and honey mask

Rice flour helps a lot in getting rid of dry and dead skin cells and thus prevents heels from drying out and cracking .

Mix a couple of tablespoons of rice flour with the little ones with a few teaspoons of honey and apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon Vaseline to obtain a thick paste .

 After placing your feet in a basin filled with warm water, then massage this scrub gently on the affected areas.

 Rub for 10 to 15 minutes and wash later .

Follow this several times throughout the Week [3] .

Petrolatum moisturizing foot cream

Now easily you can make Vaseline at your home and so you will achieve a significant saving in funds following the steps of making a cream to treat heel cracks at home, in addition to my routine to keep my feet soft and smooth, this Vaseline can be used at home in the same ways that you usually use it is not only for feet,


1 ounce of grated beeswax 1/8 cup .

1/2 cup olive oil .

The method of making Vaseline at home

Grate the beeswax about 1 ounce .

Put the oil and wax in a bowl and let it melt over low heat, once melted remove from the stove .

Once it is warm enough, you do not have to leave it for a long time it will not be too hot to pour into the container, in addition it will start to solidify or solidify in the container if you leave it for a long time.

You will notice that it will become Vaseline in about two hours, however it does not take long, this is how easy it is to make and so you will know where to extract Vaseline .

Daily Vaseline routine for foot cracks

First: put my feet in sparkling water and then mouth wipe your feet with a towel and apply your favorite lotion, then immediately put homemade Vaseline on your feet homemade Vaseline has a really soft texture when put you will definitely like it .

Using a sock I cut off the part of the foot I cover my feet to retain moisture from the Vaseline lotion, the heel is where Vaseline is most needed to achieve its charm.

Leave it overnight, or sometimes I’ll leave it for hours while you do other things, just follow this routine as little as possible and will enjoy the feet soft and smooth .