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Treating the effects of scratches on the face

We are periodically exposed to cuts and scratches in separate areas of the body, but the scars on the face are the most annoying because they are prominent and striking, and to get rid of them permanently and enjoy a normal life without embarrassment, we have chosen for you the most effective ways to treat the effects and enjoy healthy and fresh skin.


Silicon gel and chips to treat scratches



Silicone is one of the household products used to treat the effects of wounds. It is effective and easy and does not require a prescription. It is used by placing it on the place of injury and waiting for it to dry completely. It is characterized by helping to maintain skin moisture, and allowing the skin to breathe, which leads to softening the scar. Improving its texture, color and height, and it dries quickly, is painless, easy to apply and spreads on the skin, and does not irritate sensitive skin, in addition to preventing the growth of bacteria in the face.


Creams to treat the effects of scratches


These topical products are effective treatments that help heal scars, especially cocoa butter creams, products containing vitamin E, and commercial skin care products, which are usually sold over the counter, such as Vaseline and others.



Laser to treat the effects of scratches



Surely you have heard before about the use of the laser scar removal technique, this technique also applies to the effects of facial wounds, and the laser is used to remove the effects of wounds by creating a new scar on the effect of the old wound, so the skin renews its cells again, and thus skin cells are formed The doctor uses the appropriate laser device for the type and color of the skin to get the best result, and it is recommended to use the laser in acne scars, scars resulting from burns and the effects of wounds resulting from surgical operations, and removing the effects of razor wounds or sharp knives, and surgical intervention is resorted to in the case of wound effects. Resulting from burns, a process called skin grafting, in which the skin is removed from the healthy area and placed in the affected area using laser surgery, if the wound is deep and affects one of the vital functions.


Chemical peels to treat scratches


Chemical peeling for the face has now become one of the common modern treatments that can be done at home but under the supervision of a doctor, and its mechanism of action depends on the application of some topical creams that remove the layer of dead skin, and this method has proven very effective in eliminating the effects of brown wounds that result from acne Young.

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