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Treating pimples in 15 effective ways

Looking for safe and effective pimples treatment methods? Often blisters occur due to exposure of the skin to air and the upper layer of the sticky substance is confirmed and turned into a dark black color. There are many ways to get rid of blackheads. In this article, we explain the different methods that you can try to get rid of blackheads.


Ways and solutions to treat pimples


1. Using glue to get rid of pimples:


Glue is not only used for school needs, you can take advantage of it as a simple trick to get rid of pimples through the following:


Put your face over a bowl of hot water to make a facial steam bath and cover the face with a piece of cloth to absorb the hot water. This step is not mandatory for you, but it helps in getting the pores open and ready before applying anything.


Apply the glue to the affected areas such as the nose or any other area of ​​the face. Leave it to dry completely and then peel it off, you can see the effective results.


2. Get rid of pimples by pressing on them:


Warm the skin, because the high temperature of the skin makes the pores expand, which facilitates pressure on them to clean the nose. This method helps to get rid of deep blackheads, but if you feel pain during its application, try something else immediately.


3. A small piece of cotton to get rid of pimples:


Used as an exfoliator to remove dead cells


Clean and dry your face well with a towel.


Put warm compresses on your face for 10-15 minutes, this time is enough to soften the blackheads, and make it easier to get rid of them.


Using a cotton swab, place it with your finger on the pimple and apply pressure on both sides and push down. This method avoids further damage and rupture of the skin.


4. Getting rid of pimples with toothpaste and a toothbrush:


Using a toothbrush, apply toothpaste to the blackheads, taking care to boil the toothbrush well to clean it before use.


Then moisten the affected area, as well as a toothbrush.


Gently move the brush over the affected areas and massage for 1-2 minutes. With attention, and avoid applying toothpaste in places close to the eyes, because the fumes resulting from toothpaste cause irritation to the eyes.


You can repeat this method daily to get effective results.


5. Buy an alpha hydroxy acid cream:


Apply a small amount of the cream to the affected areas and massage for 15-20 minutes. The cream will help you remove dead skin cells and reveal blackheads. .


Repeat this process at regular intervals.


These products may irritate and dry the skin so if you notice any signs, discontinue use.


6. Get rid of pimples using lemon juice:


Make a solution with equal quantities of lemon juice, almond oil and glycerine.


Clean the face well, and apply the lotion on the face. This also helps to get rid of spots and scars.

7. Get rid of pimples with honey:


Warm a small amount of honey in a small bowl, apply it gently on the affected area, wait for 15-20 minutes, then wash your face.


8. Getting rid of pimples using egg whites:


Make sure you separate the egg whites well from the yolks.


Apply egg whites to the face with your finger, place flakes of toilet paper on the affected areas and leave them to dry. It may take half an hour for it to dry completely and harden the paper, then peel the paper and wash the face with warm water and leave it to dry.


9. Almond oil and olive oil to get rid of pimples:


Wash your face with warm water to open the pores.


Soak a piece of silk cloth in olive oil and almond oil. Put a dab of toothpaste on this cloth.


Gently massage the face with this cloth. You can do this twice if you have more blackheads.


wait 5 minutes .


Wash the face well with warm water and wash the cloth.


10. Get rid of pimples using a humidifier and steam:


Putting a hot towel on your face for 10 minutes and leaving it for a while helps to highlight the black pimples. Wash the face with warm water.


Then apply a moisturizer where the pores become open, then gently massage the affected areas with alcohol for 5 minutes.


11. Getting rid of pimples using salt and lemon juice:


Mix equal amounts of salt and lemon juice.


Apply it to the affected area, leave it to dry, and then wash it off with warm water.


12. Getting rid of pimples with tomatoes:


Cut tomatoes in different shapes and sizes and cover all over the face and nose.


At first, wash the face well with warm water and leave it to dry.


Put the tomato on the pimples and leave it for 15 minutes, then wash the face with warm water. Do not apply the moisturizer.


13. Getting rid of pimples with milk:


Apply milk on your face.


Gently massage the skin for 5 minutes.


This method is very effective when used before bed, then apply Vaseline on the face and leave it for the whole night. When you wake up, press on the blackheads. The Vaseline will remove the blackheads easily.


14. Getting rid of pimples with milk and gelatin:


Take a tablespoon of milk and a tablespoon of gelatin.


Mix them together in a bowl, and heat the mixture in the microwave for 10 seconds.


Apply the mixture to the affected areas using a cosmetic brush, and leave it to dry. This may take 10 minutes, and when you pull the strips, you will get rid of blackheads.


15. Getting rid of pimples using salt and toothpaste:


Moisturizing the face and not excessive moisturizing before applying the mixture, or you can expose the face to steam, will help give faster results.


In a small bowl, mix a teaspoon of toothpaste with half a teaspoon of food salt, then apply the mixture on the face, and leave it for 5 minutes before removing it, then rub the mixture before using warm water. You can repeat this approximately 2 or 3 times a week.

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