Treating facial puffiness in 5 minutes or less with a magical massage

Treating facial puffiness in 5 minutes or less with a magical massage

If you suffer from puffiness of the face, especially puffiness at the beginning of the morning, and you are looking for ways to treat puffiness in the face, we can offer you today a quick solution that will solve this problem in 5 minutes or less. There is no doubt that sometimes we wake up with red skin, or swollen. In this regard, Dr. Britta Plogue, a comprehensive plastic surgeon and health coach, tells us: “The inflammatory response to the face and its swelling is sometimes due to some foods and sugar, as well as swelling sometimes due to water retention due to excessively salty food.”


In order to treat this problem, we need to spend a few minutes in the morning to help calm the inflammation and prevent puffiness and build-up day after day, and reduce the glow of the skin as well


Quick treatment of puffiness of the face


The first steps Dr. Blog recommends giving a cup of warm lemon in the morning and some gentle exercises such as walking or yoga to let the lymph move, the main cause of “puffiness and its accumulation” in the face


Try this self-massage method for lymphatic drainage, prevention and treatment of puffiness


Dr. Plog recommends this step-by-step ritual because it hits all the lymphatic centers starting with the collarbone. For each step you will create 10 circles with the linings of the hand and middle finger moving outward. Blog stresses the importance of technique here – use light circles and keep your fingers glued to the same area of ​​skin as you move the skin itself in circles. This works with lymph because it is superficial, located just under the skin, and responds to a more gentle touch. This will activate the lymph. Lymph nodes stimulate facial swelling


Starting under the collarbone, do 10 circles with your hand just above the bones, near the incline. Starting under the collarbone and moving to the side of your neck, under your jaw, where the lymph nodes swell when you get cold, do 10 small circles with your hand. Note that this is under the face, not on the face, and do 10 circles just above the bone, near the incline. Next make 10 small circles outward on the outer corner of the jaw – now you are on its face. Move your fingers up in front of your ear, facing the tragus of your ear, And do 10 small circles. Next, do 10 small circles outward on the area between the neck and the ear. If your eyes are puffy, place fingers under the eye and do 10 slow circles outward, you can switch between directly under the eye and closer to the cheekbones. Finish From the routine by massaging 10 times down the side of the neck from under the jaw to the collarbone, and gently combing 10 times. Which will encourage lymph and puffiness to drain from the face.


A cup of caffeinated coffee or tea can be tempting, but Blog, in her experience with herself and her clients, says that more stimulants create more inflammation in the body. There is no doubt that giving your body a break from sugar will help a lot.

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