Treat flatulence with these fruits

The report indicated that bananas are one of the good fruits that reduce the feeling of flatulence in the colon, as it contains a high percentage of fiber and potassium, so eating it enhances the balance of fluids in the body and reduces the feeling and incidence of flatulence.




The report emphasized that eating apples is one of the wonderful food options that contribute significantly to reducing the feeling and infection of colon flatulence, and the reason is that apples contain a high percentage of water and potassium, and provide the body with the fluids and hydration it needs, because it is rich in a high percentage of fiber, and apples are It is a good fruit that reduces the severity of digestive problems.




Kiwi contains fiber and potassium, and many of the main nutrients that the body needs, so eating it reduces the chances of flatulence, and also reduces stomach pain and digestive problems, so eating it is one of the wonderful nutritional tricks.




Finally, the report stressed the necessity of eating pineapple for people suffering from flatulence, as it is one of the fruits rich in fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin B, so eating it is a great option to maintain the health of the digestive system, and reduces its chances of exposure to any health complications such as bloating.

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