Tomato juice is your way to a perfect waist

A recent study found that drinking a cup of tomato juice daily helps reduce weight around the waist area without making any changes to either diet or lifestyle.


The study conducted at China Medical University in Taiwan showed that women who drank approximately half a liter of tomato juice daily for 8 weeks lost approximately one inch from their waist circumference, in addition to a 10% decrease in the level of cholesterol in their blood. .


The researchers had asked 25 women, aged between 20 and 30 years, to drink a cup of tomato juice daily, and it was observed that the average measurement of their waist circumference decreased by about two-thirds of an inch, with most of the women who regularly drank tomato juice losing more than a pound of weight. Fat after two months.


Azmna Govindji, a nutrition expert, explained that tomatoes play a major role in controlling weight gain.

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