Tomato Grilled Eggplant Recipe

Tomato Grilled Eggplant Recipe


We claim, this eggplant dish will be the star of your grill plate. We share the recipe of tomato grilled eggplant with you!


What Are Tomato Grilled Eggplant Materials?


2 Pcs  Tomato

2 Pcs Red Onion

3 Pcs Eggplant

2 Teeth Garlic

1 Teaspoon Olive oil

1 Pinch Fresh Basil

6 Handle Parsley

6 Branches Mint

2 Tablespoons Vinegar


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How is Tomato Grilled Eggplant Made?




Heat the grill at high fire. Chop the eggplants into slices and lightly lubricate them. Fry on the front grill with the back.




Take chopped onion and garlic in a separate pan. Cook until the onions are soft.




Cook another time by adding chopped tomatoes when the onion softens.




Add their spices and pour the tomato mixture over the eggplants.




Serve by adding finely chopped fresh greens and vinegar.



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