To hide pimples and scars from your face, these methods are for you

Sometimes your skin may suffer from scars and pimples that last for a long time, embarrassing you in front of your friends, especially on important occasions. Women Magazine offers you a few easy steps that help you hide the remnants of pimples and other scars on your skin with makeup until you get rid of them completely by using appropriate creams and medications. Here are steps from the Arab Mirror magazine that show how to hide scars with makeup:


You need to apply a layer of concealer or foundation a little darker than your skin tone on top of the pimple or scar. Then use a concealer and foundation a little lighter than your skin tone under the pimple or scar.


– You should pay attention to the fact that gloss often exposes the location of inflamed pimples or scars, while playing with colors and shadows will neutralize the area and make it less concentrated.





It is preferable to use a small amount of concealer cream to fill in the holes caused by some scars. And you have to use a thick type in these areas and then wipe over it with the foundation cream.


– It is recommended to use a fine powder of translucent powder to cover the cream. Then put on the rest of the makeup like lipstick and mascara.