Tips for maintaining a healthy heart as you age

Tips for maintaining a healthy heart as you age



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With age, the chances of developing several heart problems increase, and the chances of stroke, clogged drinking bowls, and many heart-related diseases increase.


In the coming lines, we will learn about the most prominent and important daily advice that contributes greatly to preserving heart health and protecting it from complications from aging, according to healthline.




The report emphasized that it is necessary to follow a healthy and balanced diet when you get older, so you should eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts and healthy protein, as these foods maintain heart health and protect it from the complications of aging, so you can eat oats and berries Spinach, carrots, and fish.




One of the most important tips given by the report, to maintain heart health, is to control the amount of salt in food, that is, not to be excessive in your consumption of foods rich in salts, as salt increases the chances of high blood pressure, and causes fluid retention in the body, and increases the chances of heart attacks, and therefore must Do not overdo it.




The report indicated that daily exercise is one of the most important tips that must be taken to maintain heart health, regulate heartbeat, and control pressure, since exercise contributes greatly to the regulation of blood circulation, and therefore it must be practiced daily.




When talking about heart health, you should quit smoking if you are a smoker, as this habit is one of the wrong habits, which increases the chances of endangering heart health, increases blood cholesterol, and increases your exposure to blockages in the arteries, so quit this habit immediately. To get a good heart health.

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