Tips for long life and good health


Every body wants to live very long to see their children as well as grand children. Lets take a look at some of the tips that guarantee our long life. These tips are:

1. Avoid eating too much oily foods: food rich in oil should be avoided to avoid various health related issues which can cause danger to our health and body system. It increases our body weight and fat and hence reduce our life span.

2. Eat food rich in protein and fibre: eating food rich in protein ensures that damaged tissues in the body are being replaced. When these worn out tissues are replaced, new ones grow out which can fight diseases faster. Fibre provides energy for us to carry out major tasks. When we eat fibres, we reduce our body stress.

3. Exercises: exercises are very important for our health. Exercises help in strengthening all our joints, tissues and bones. Excervises are also very important to ensure proper flow of blood from the heart to other parts of the body. Blood carries oxygen and all food nutrients to all parts of our body. When our blood is free from diseases and flows properly, then our life span would increase.

4. Eat foods rich in minerals: minerals are either major or minor. The various types of minerals include calcium, magnesium etc. These minerals are required by the body in small quantities and are needed for healthy living. Another good example of a fruit which supplies minerals is the nut fruit. Nut helps in solving and preventing various health issues. It also prevents premature death. Regular eating of nuts would help us to live longer.

5. Eat fruits: fruits are one of the most important things needed for healthy living and long life. Fruits supply vitamins which although are needed in small quantities, help in proper living and growth.

6. Avoid smoking: most number of people who die prematurely is usually as a result of excessive smoking. Cigarettes damages the lungs and make breathing difficult. When someone is unable to breathe constantly, then the person might suffer premature death.

7. Avoid drinkinh of alcohol: alcohol is also one of the things that can reduce our life span. Alcohol contains various chemicals. When alcohol is taken, these chemicals attack the liver and damages it. Liver is one of the various important organs in living organisms. Without it, it is impossible to survive and live long.

8. Eat vegetable rich foods.

9. Avoid stressful activities.

10. Sleep in a position that is good for your posture and which helps in healing wounds

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