Times of high libido in men.. facts about men and sex

There are many facts about men and sex may not pay attention to women, but they are central to this topic important for men like times of high arousal in men and the reasons for raising men and signs of lust have, the following we review some of those facts and define together the times of high arousal in men and other things .

facts about men and sex

There are many facts about sex in men and what women do not know about it, among which we mention the following:

False shivering: Men claim that they have reached orgasm, as some men claim that they reach orgasm for fear that their wives will know the truth, and the situation may be prolonged for many of them. When a man uses a condom, the woman will not notice whether it has arrived or not, but if he is not using it, it will not be easy for him to deceive the woman.

Young men also suffer from erectile dysfunction , as it is not only the elderly who try to resort to the blue pill, but also young men who suffer from many sexual problems. This case is not rare and they do not only suffer from the problem of erection, as twenty percent of men suffer from the problem of premature ejaculation.


man’s sex

Men are not always in the mood for a relationship . The idea that a man is always ready for a relationship is never true. Women think it’s normal to feel unwilling for sex when they’re stressed, but for some reason they think a man is immune to things like this. But the reality is that men are not immune to psychological pressures, so it is not surprising that a man does not feel the desire to establish a relationship from time to time.

Men focus more on getting you pleasure . There is a belief that men are selfish when they are in bed with their wives, but studies have shown the opposite. Men, like women, care about women getting pleasure before they get it.

Some men are very sensitive to their sexual performance , men and women are not different in this aspect either. The wife’s view of them sexually affects the man a lot. When a woman does not reach him, he loses confidence in his manhood and feels like a failure. But this does not mean that the woman should lie to the man about his performance with her and claim the opposite of what she feels, but the advice to the woman here is to tell the man when he does something good that he is actually better, as this will work miracles for the man.

10 reasons behind premature ejaculation

Your sexual desire may be stronger than his desire . Women these days are more liberal than before and they feel more comfortable also in their marital relationships and this is a positive thing. There is a belief that the desire of men is stronger than the desire of women, and this is not true. Rather, the problem these days is that men complain that their wives demand more sex than them. But this does not mean that the desire of these men is weak, but it is only that some women are more lustful. This may have always existed, but cultures prevented women from expressing their desire.

Arrival without ejaculation , yes, sometimes men reach without ejaculation, and some of them are diabetics. Some men, such as diabetics, who have the urinal opening is not completely closed, the semen may go to the urinal, but it will come out when urinating after practice. An example of this is old men who have had part or all of the prostate gland removed, so they reach orgasm without ejaculation. This may be affected by any tremor without ejaculation. Young people who have frequent intercourse in a short time, their reproductive system does not get enough time to replace the sperm that they have produced with new ones. The body needs several hours of rest.

fast ejaculation 

Dear man, you may also be interested to know the causes of rapid ejaculation, and as you know, rapid ejaculation is a physiological bug that can often be overcome by training and treatment, and it negatively affects the enjoyment of both parties. We advise you to read the following article:

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Times of high libido in men

The times of high libido in men are many, but one of the most common times of high libido in men is when you wake up in the morning when testosterone levels are at their peak – between 25-50 percent more than they would be at any other time of the day, so we have We learned about the times of high libido in men.

Reasons why men desire

There are some of the reason why men desire them We can make them a general rule. If a woman turns to them, she will know all of those reasons, the most prominent of which are the following:-

– face features.

– body language.

– Theories.

Signs that a man desires a woman

These are signs that a man desires a woman, including that a man feels a woman that she is very special, that he continues to stare at her constantly, monitors her conversations, declares his interest in her on more than one occasion, and changes his condition while standing or sitting if she enters him, and his looks are directed directly to her eyes.

After we have known the times of rising lust in men and the many facts about sex in men, in the end, it is necessary to know, science, read and see aspects that you may not know about your sexual relationship. men and so on.