This product in every home will make your skin radiant

The consumption spree in recent years may be pushing us to expensive products and a planned facial. But now experts have shared a key tip that will transform your skincare:

Ice cube.


In the past, ice was used by some makeup artists to help remove the swelling or redness of the skin.


The cold helps to constrict blood vessels, so that the pores look smaller, swelling in the eyes and cheeks subsides; this is the biggest reason why some experts put eye masks in the freezer before using them.


Try facial care with

1) ice


Tried and tested by many celebrities, including Amanza Smith and Bella Hadid, this is the easiest and most effective way to get facial care.


If you fill a bowl with ice water and leave it on for a few seconds after cleaning your face, you will be encouraging blood flow to your face and softening your skin for brighter skin.


Repeat this process a few times and remember to moisturize it afterwards


Stroll ice cube on your face


If you don’t have time for full icy facial care, take a cube of ice and rub it on your face after cleaning.


This can help reduce swelling, shrink pores, and also reduce redness for a smoother, more even skin tone.


3) Apply under your eyes to reduce bags and swelling


Carrying an ice cube under your eyes before applying your makeup can help you feel refreshed.


It can also help reduce dark circles and bloating from sleepless nights.


4) Iced water dries and fixes the nail polish


Have you hurriedly rubbed on the nail polish and want it to dry quickly? Ice water dries and fixes the nail polish in a very short time.


Fill a bowl with cold water, add ice and soak your fingers in water for 30 seconds. Your nail polish will dry and fix.


Also, in 2017, a Korean beauty trend called ‘Jasmu’ went viral and put a bucket of ice after applying its face from the foundation. Bloggers and celebrities praised this method because they said it fixed their makeup.


Eliminates puffiness around the eyesReduces oil on the faceAlleviate pimplesCalms the sunburnReduces swelling and inflammation, including rashes and insect bitesReduces signs of aging such as wrinklesIncreases the healthy glow of the skin




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