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This is why you should not throw away watermelon rinds

The results of a recent Chinese medical study proved that watermelon peel is useful in treating 5 serious diseases: chronic high blood pressure, kidney inflammation, urinary retention, ascites, and chronic constipation.


According to the study, it was found that this result was drawn after research and experiments conducted over a period of 3 years and including about 9 million patients from all provinces.


The study advises patients with high blood pressure to dry the watermelon peel, then grind it until it turns into a powder, take twenty grams of it, stir well in water until it reaches the boiling point, and then the patient drinks it daily for a period of not less than a month without stopping.


As for patients with kidney inflammation, the study advises them to cut the watermelon peel into very small pieces, put it in water, and stir it over the fire until it turns into a paste that is stored in a tightly closed glass container, and the patient eats one spoonful of it on an empty stomach for a period of not less than 3 weeks.


As for patients with urinary retention, ascites, and constipation, they should cut the watermelon peel into small pieces and put it in water, adding thin slices of tomato or the white of one egg after separating it from the yolk. Meanwhile, stir it over the fire for 5 minutes and then drink it cold daily for 5 weeks.



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