Things you should keep a secret from those around you


Things that must be kept secret, there are several things in your life that you should not tell anyone, no matter how close they are to you, as privacy is an important thing, especially in light of technological development and the control of social media, to maintain a state of calm and tranquility in your life, we list the following most important Five things that must be kept secret, for all new, follow us on the pages of the official magazine, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Telegram.


5 things that should be kept secret The amount of income and profit from any projects Everything related to personal relationships History of medical conditions and diseases Points or weaknesses Personal secrets.


The amount of income and profit from any projects: One of the five most important things that you should keep a secret, do not tell anyone at all, because it may bring you envy, hatred or jealousy is the amount of your monthly income, and therefore many problems and disputes around you, in addition, you must keep your affairs Secretly unstable finances, i.e. avoid complaining about lack of money or facing any financial difficulties.


All about personal relationships: You do not know who is your friend or enemy, or who really cares about you sincerely from within, and because the intentions are hidden and we cannot see them, you must bear in mind to hide all the details of personal relationships from everyone, and keep them a secret between you And between yourself, because there are those who are waiting to take advantage of these things to defeat or destroy you.


History of medical cases and diseases: Doctors have a code of honor to keep the secrets of their patients, and not to disclose them, so you should follow their example and stop informing everyone around you, even if they are close to any diseases or symptoms you suffer from, because there are those who are waiting to know these things In order to fight you, bully you or make fun of you, you can avoid it all by keeping all these details out of the way.


Weaknesses or weaknesses: A very important lesson that we learn from successful smart people is to keep the weaknesses and weaknesses in our personalities, within ourselves and not to reveal them to anyone, even the close circle of friends and acquaintances, so it is one of the most important things that you must keep a secret in your life, and therefore Avoid being destroyed, whether at the level of work or life, by those who do not have a live conscience and want your destruction.


Personal secrets: It is one of the things that must be kept secret, between you and yourself, especially if you lack the skill to judge people in terms of good or bad kind, so do not make your personal secrets the focus of conversation with anyone, because you simply do not know who is waiting for this opportunity To make you sad or upset.





In the end, my dear, do not despair of finding people with good intentions surrounding you in work or life, but caution should be your main priority in life.

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