Waking up tired in the morning is one of the biggest reasons for an unproductive day. That’s why we should focus on improving our sleep quality to support our immune system and increase our enjoyment of life.

So, what should we do to wake up both happier and more vigorous?

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09.00: It is of great importance to start the day productively in order to sleep comfortably at night. If your hand goes to the phone as soon as you wake up in the morning, we say stop yourself. Increase your awareness; become aware of yourself. Spend the most precious moments of the day for yourself, not the outside world.

09.05: Start stretching and preparing your body for the day while you’re still in bed. At this point ,Or you can even do a short meditation.

09.15: Then drink your lemon water that you prepared the night before. You can also add some parsley in it. In this way, your body will start the day better.

10.15: Haven’t you picked up your phone yet? Wonderful! Try to extend this period as much as possible.

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10.30am: Now, have a protein-rich breakfast and start planning your daily chores. For example, egg omelette can be a good option! In addition,

12.00: Try to do your daily exercise program in the morning or at noon instead of in the evening. Exercising before bed will increase your heart rate and may delay the time you fall asleep.

15.00: Even if your daily work makes you tired, take care not to sleep during the day in order not to steal your night’s sleep. Night hours when the hormone melatonin begins to be secreted is the ideal time for sleep. For this, remember that sleeping between 23.00-02.00 hours is of great importance.

6 pm: Have your dinner on time. Stop eating four hours before bedtime to wake up fresh in the morning. Thus, you will go to bed with a comfortable stomach.

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22.00: Get away from stress by taking a warm shower at around 22.00 and prepare yourself for sleep gradually.

Important Note: The presence of technological devices such as TV, computer or telephone in the room where you sleep may decrease your sleep quality. The white light emitted by such appliances can prevent you from falling asleep, and may make you feel restless in the morning.