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Things that end love between spouses

Married life may begin very happily, but after the development of the relationship, you may find your husband treats you as if you do not exist, and this may be the beginning of the end. Love between spouses, even if it is an innate feeling between male and female known to people, it is difficult to determine what it is, because it is a mixture between psychological feeling and spiritual harmony. From it he disagrees, and what he denies differs from it.” Narrated by Al-Bukhari.


The love between spouses can be included in the issues of “human development”, although it is an innate feeling, as we said, but it can be made and developed as one of the pillars of family stability, and family stability is profitable, but what makes a man alienate his wife?


The husband expresses his desire for a second marriage


A lot of arguments and quarrels over the most trivial things: each party wants to show its superiority over the other by presenting its arguments on the correctness of its opinion in matters of family management, especially since we are talking about a couple who are equal in educational and cultural levels in general, and the woman is no longer that nation that is submissive to the opinion of her husband who is obedient to him in everything.


Involving outside parties in solving daily problems: Whether they are friends or relatives, some women are afflicted by informing their friend or mother of every small and big thing that takes place between her and her husband, and this is a fatal mistake because the large number of opinions and interventions complicate matters and do not solve them.


The absence of a kind word in the house between spouses: women generally love the words of flirtation and gifts, even if they are symbolic like roses, and many men do not care to develop love with their wives from these entrances, which are extremely important in a woman’s life. Excessive attention to matters far from the husband: Among these matters are children, television, the kitchen, the remnants of work or worship at the expense of the husband, and the woman’s lack of interest in her appearance and femininity inside the house…


Husband looking at other than his wife


The husband looks at someone other than his wife: especially in her company, as the woman watches her husband’s eyes in a precise way that he does not realize. If he is rich and able to do so, but the law of God is polygamy; Because his interest sometimes outweighs his evil, otherwise it has a negative impact on the continuity of love.. – Doubt or excessive jealousy: because it leads to a lack of trust between the two parties, so each party becomes spying on its owner: follows his messages, calls, friends on Facebook, his customers at work and his words with sex the other, even if he is a relative; This is a corruption of appreciation and a path that leads to hatred and ignites strife in the house.


Seeking luxuries and putting them in the place of necessities or necessities: what leads the spouses to borrow and enter into the labyrinths of debts.


Routine: Routine between spouses kills love, and by it we mean habit. The spouses are required to draw a painting from time to time, a painting that reflects the love that unites them; I am not here to define the features of this painting; Because it belongs to the genius of each pair separately.

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