The relationship between the amount of water and the freshness of the skin



The relationship between the amount of water and the freshness of the skin is a mutual relationship the more you drink water, the more your skin freshness and beauty, the man loses an amount of water every hour, therefore lose an abundant amount throughout the day, and that is through sweat, as well as urination this is what may happen to us at all


Drinking too much water serves to lose weight.

Removes natural toxins that are inside the body.

It makes the skin glowing and gives it natural freshness and serenity.

Strengthens and softens nails.

Works to combat premature aging.

Anatomically, the human body consists of organs, bones, blood, and blood contributes about eight percent of the body’s primary weight, in addition, the body contains two basic components, as straw-colored plasma makes up 55 percent of the hematopoiesis, and protein blood cells make up about 45 percent of the hematopoiesis as well.

This alkaline plasma is composed of 90: 92 of water, well activate blood circulation and its relationship with water and skin can not be overlooked, due to activate blood circulation and make it perfect, this is observed on the skin as well, with drinking the right amount of water every day.

The results of drinking water appear on the skin, depending on the amount of water that a person drinks daily, if he drinks many glasses in a quarter of an hour, the body will get rid of the excess water in the urine directly, but if he drinks a large amount of water in two or three hours, for example, he retains more water inside the body.

Although it does not affect the skin immediately by drinking water, it is affected by several other factors such as diet, lifestyle throughout life, and other factors, so you need at least weeks to show the results of drinking water on the skin.

Drinking the amount of water that varies from person to person, and varies from body to body are differences related to factors such as a person’s age, gender and physical fitness, where every human need to drink six to eight glasses of water per day in order to maintain overall health, and the area of the skin makes it the largest organ in 

Where it constitutes about sixteen percent of the weight, and it has a large percentage of the amount of water in the human body, so it is considered a highly sensitive organ in dealing with the amount of water in the body, and because the skin is the virtual cover that shows the beauty of Man, the more attention to it, the brighter,

The benefits of drinking water

There are many benefits of drinking water for humans, as follows :

Improve skin tone

Since drinking a large amount of Water, Works to eliminate toxins that are inside the skin, gives the skin a healthy and freshness super, where several studies have been conducted proving that drinking only two cups of water every day works on the flow of water inside the skin especially and the skin in general gives it a uniform color and soft pink skin.

Speed of healing

Going out in the sun can cause some burns that affect the skin and inflame the skin, drinking water soothes the skin and soothes the burns that are there, and drinking less water slows the healing process.

Prevent premature aging

Frequent drinking water keeps the skin hydrated, increases the hydration of the skin and makes the skin supple for longer, prevents the appearance of premature aging that causes fine lines and wrinkles that appear quickly in the skin.

Hydration of body cells and organs

When we drink a large amount of water it works to hydrate the body’s cells and organs, and also hydrate the blood cells which are the largest organ in the human body, and rid the body of toxins and impurities as well.

As a result of all this, 1.1 billion people around the world lack access to water, 2.7 billion people lack water for one month of the year, in addition to inadequate sanitation, and because of sanitation in fresh water there are people who get fever, cholera, typhoid, other diseases in which water is the cause, a million people die, some of them children, 

Water functions

Water protects the tissues of the body, joints, spinal cord, water does more than just drinking, but it works to regulate body temperature, and about how you know the lack of water in your body, you feel when your eyes, nose or mouth dry, because water helps to moisten the body and maintain body moisture levels in sensitive areas, and it is also

Water accounts for about 60% of body weight, as water is used in all cells, organs and tissues of the body, and regulates body temperature, because the body lacks water through sweat, breathing, urine, digestion, but it is important to replenish water through, eating foods, drinking fluids. 

The benefits of drinking water for dry skin 

What causes dryness of the skin, the answer is anything to be able to cause a loss of water, and reduce functions, which leads to dryness of the skin, and therefore works on the irritation of the outer layer of the skin, such as detergents, solvents, excess water, and chemicals, when you’re thirsty, it indicates that you need the money, but it does not apply to dry skin or very dry because of frequent water for skin explanation more nor its cooperation, The relationship between the amount of water you drink a day and the freshness of your skin and its relations with other materials that help in the drought.

Other things that can dry the skin are : 

Perfumes, cosmetics.

Bathing, frequent use of water.

Swimming excessive, frequent exposure to water.

Low humidity and cold air, dry wind, lead to dryness of the skin and skin leading to inflammation and irritation of the skin.

It is possible that when drinking water a person does not see normal moisture or much difference in his skin, but after drinking a large amount of water, at long intervals he will feel it, but drinking too much water can lead to many health problems, not recommended for owners of dry skin ( damage increases) . 

It is possible that water breaks down the food eaten by humans, and allows the body to absorb important nutrients, after the small intestine absorbs water, and after the water moves into the bloodstream, which changes the stool from liquid to solid.

Water also helps to digest soluble fibers, and water also helps to turn these fibers into a gel that slows down the digestion process, but if it is a matter of cleaning the skin, scented soap is best suited, instead of soap that has a smell and these products keep the skin from drying, cleaning and smoothing.

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