The real reasons for weight gain

The real reasons for weight gain






All the food that a person eats is squeezed by the stomach and becomes a viscous liquid, except for a small amount of waste that travels through the intestines, the colon, and exits through the anus. A portion of this liquid, which is based on food, is distributed by the body to its factories and cells.


As for the rest of this excess fluid from the body, it is deposited in the body… and with the deposition from day to day, from month to month, and from year to year, this excess is what causes obesity and weight gain… and it is the cause of all the diseases that happen to a person.


Excess water or viscous liquid, which is based on food… which becomes excess fat, grease, and meat… which coats the walls of the stomach, intestines, and arteries… and coats all the organs inside you with waste that settles and hardens with time. And make your lines tight..


If you want to read the rest of the topic, as well as the practical solutions for losing excess weight without diet, without appetite-suppressing medications, without herbal recipes, or with exercise alone… Exercise alone does not remove excess weight.

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