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The proven mixture to whiten the sensitive area - Care Beauty

The proven mixture to whiten the sensitive area

Your wedding approached. You suffer from the darkening of some areas, such as the sensitive area and between the thighs. I started looking for a natural mixture to whiten the sensitive area. I found many mixtures that you do not know if they are useful or not, and you do not have enough time to waste it and try all the mixtures. This article is a natural and proven mixture


You need:


* Shea butter, vitamin “e” and “emeu” oil are sold in pharmacies


* In a water bath, melt 50 g of shea butter, add 10 ml of “émeu” oil and two pills of vitamin “E”, mix well until you get a homogeneous cream


* Use this cream on the black areas





Note that the smell of the cream is somewhat unpleasant, so if you like, add lemon juice to it, and do not wait for the result from the first day, as this is impossible, but you must continue to use it and you will get the desired result