The powerful and natural recipe for whitening the armpits

My dear, through the following article, I brought you a natural and magical mixture that gives your armpits a bright whiteness and lasting softness. Learn about the ingredients and apply them, my dear.

Ingredients: 1 lemon + half a cup of starch

Method: Divide the lemon into two halves, and rub the armpit area for two minutes, bring the starch and put it on the armpit after the lemon and leave it to dry a little. Note that the starch color turns black, because it pulls the blackness from the armpit area, rub the starch to remove it, and do not wash it with water. The lemon mixture can be used to lighten the armpit daily and even more than once during the day and you will notice a clear difference, and you will get a natural lightening of the armpit area during a period short.

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