The perfect and natural korean recipe for teeth whitening

The perfect and natural Korean recipe that you can try to whiten and polish your teeth and make them shine like pearls, is a forced and guaranteed mixture, and many women who want to excel have thanked it, who have embraced it, especially that the aesthetics of teeth is from the aesthetics of skin and hair, and attention cannot be neglected.

And taking care of it all the time, especially at the level of its cleanliness, and working to make it shiny without pigmentation or lime losing its luster or that soft and white touch.



Here, through your favorite magazine, “ Magazine”, we offer you, dear reader, these natural recipes that we chose for you from the heart of the kitchen, especially as they have an effective result and are ideal tested recipes that fulfill every girl’s dream of getting shiny and highly aesthetic teeth, and they also give you The smile you seek, to become like a star’s smile, without the need for artificial bleaching or going to the doctor.


First – the natural recipe of Koreans using turmeric powder:


The use of turmeric


Natural materials in life are neither better nor better, especially since they do not contain any harm or side effects, including this effective recipe, which is the natural and effective Korean recipe, in whitening teeth and removing lime and yellowing without the need for a doctor or bleaching.


Mix a teaspoon of coconut oil and a teaspoon of turmeric powder until we get a cohesive mixture, then put it on the brush and clean the teeth with it for a few minutes, then rinse it with toothpaste, repeat this method to get whiter teeth.


Second – the natural recipe of Koreans using coffee powder


Teeth whitening and cleaning is one of the things that women are looking for in order to get that distinctive and upscale smile that makes the look complete, especially in light of the current changes and keeping pace with fashion. Without synthetic materials.


You will need a spoon of coffee powder, a spoon of lemon juice and a little toothpaste. Then mix the ingredients between them and then put them on the toothbrush and rub your teeth for two minutes, then rinse. You will be amazed at the result that you will get at the moment without the need for a doctor or bleaching, and it will fulfill your dream.





Third – Natural Korean Soda Recipe for Shiny Teeth:


use of soda


Teeth whitening is one of the most common dreams that all women want to achieve, especially in recent years after the spread of the Hollywood smile phenomenon, which has become the fashion of the era, and which has spread widely among stars, celebrities and even influencers on web platforms. Which many aspire to, that’s why we brought you a natural and distinctive Korean recipe with a simple ingredient to achieve the dream without the need for a doctor.


We suggest you the mighty and special recipe that consists of bicarbonate of soda and a little lemon juice, which are the ingredients that you must mix well and then put a few of them on the toothbrush, then brush the teeth well until all impurities are removed from it, then rinse and you will see the result in the moment, this recipe is from Among the natural mixtures that you can adopt from time to time when you notice yellowing or calcification on the teeth, as they are strong and powerful and work to whiten teeth quickly.


Important tip:


Dear reader, you can apply these natural recipes that we suggest to you, and they are among the carefully chosen recipes, as they fulfill your dream of getting white and shiny teeth without stains, pigmentation, yellowing or calcification, all you have to do is apply and maintain them so that your teeth are always Bright white and shiny.

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