The miracle oil in strengthening and lengthening nails


Madam, make your nails long, strong and distinctive that increase the beauty of your hands and the feminine softness you love that increases your sophistication and perfect elegance, without the need for artificial nails that usually make you unable to do a range of things, especially housework. This is why we suggest you the perfect recipe that gives you the results you are looking for.

Ingredients: a spoonful of sesame oil + a spoonful of garlic oil + a spoonful of castor oil + a spoonful of olive oil

How to prepare: Mix the oils well, then take a little bit of it, paint your nails with it, cover it with a piece of plastic, and leave it for 45 minutes, then rinse. Repeat the recipe every day before going to sleep. 15 days will not pass until you find that your nails have become distinctive, strong and long.

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