The many uses of Chinese salt and what are the most prominent foods that contain it

Chinese salt is an important food ingredient, but some believe that it is a healthy ingredient that adds a wonderful flavor to food, and others believe that it is an unhealthy and harmful food component that should be avoided, and it is also included in the composition of various foods such as soup, meat, vegetables and canned foods, so let’s get acquainted with The truth of this topic, is it harmful or healthy, and what are the multiple uses of Chinese salt in detail below. Follow us.



The use of Chinese salt for mandi


Chinese salt for mandi is used to get a wonderful flavor, because it is one of the famous dishes in the Arabian Gulf, so here is how to make mandi with Chinese salt as follows:


the ingredients


Washed chicken and cut into halves Half a kilo of basmati rice A pinch of Chinese salt A pinch of regular salt A pinch of curry Lemon juice A large onion Olive oil Cranberry leaves Hot pepper A piece of charcoal as desired


How to prepare


First we wash the chicken and boil it and add to the soup and bay leaf. After that we add a pinch of Chinese salt and leave it until it is cooked. We season the chicken with spices, black pepper, curry, olive oil and lemon juice. We put the marinated chicken in a tray and leave it in the oven until it is cooked and grilled. Then we soak rice Basmati in a suitable bowl and add Chinese salt and water to it and leave it for an hour. After that we prepare a bowl and put chicken soup in it and add a pinch of salt if necessary, then add two tablespoons of oil and add basmati rice to it and leave it until the settlement is done. You can add saffron to make the rice color We take out the chicken from the oven after grilling and place the burning piece of coal on it in the middle of the chicken and close it well so that the aroma of grilling and the taste of grilling will be taken exactly. And nuts as desired, so it is ready to be served. Use Chinese salt in the indomie


Scientific research has confirmed that indomie is one of the foods that need food improvers, so Chinese salt is used to add flavor to indomie, so it is abundant in indomie, but it causes many risks, and the risks are as follows:


Brain cell destruction, swelling, increased heart rate, headache.

The many uses of Chinese salt


There are many uses for Chinese salt, including the following:


Chinese salt adds a wonderful taste to the food added to it. It is used as a substitute for table salt, in addition, it helps to ripen meat and vegetables in a short time, so it is used to settle foods. It is also used to improve the taste of food, most notably the sauce, so it is one of the most famous spices around the world. In addition, the most prominent use of Chinese salt is to add it to vegetables and meat because it helps in their ripening in a short time. Chinese salt is used to add a wonderful taste to the sauce. Is Chinese salt lemon salt? Lemon salt is completely different from Chinese salt, because Chinese salt is known as monoglomate. Sodium, which is a chemical salt made by a Japanese scientist and used in East Asian countries. In addition, Chinese salt has recently begun to be used as a food flavor enhancer, and add a wonderful flavor to food. But lemon salt is called citric acid or citric acid, which is an acid It is transparent in color and has the properties of lemon and is used in various uses. It is obtained from vegetables, lemons, oranges, grapefruit, berries of all kinds and fruits. What foods are rich in Chinese salt


There are some foods that contain a high percentage of Chinese salt, and they are as follows:


Sports Drinks Canned Soups Ready-made Salad Sauces Cold Meat Steaks Soy Sauce Ready-made Noodles Fast Food of All Kinds Fried Potato Chips Indomie Chinese Salt Substitute


Chinese salt is used to add a wonderful taste to various foods, but it causes some damage, so many people are looking for an alternative to Chinese salt, which is garlic or garlic powder. For various other dishes, garlic is one of the best alternatives because it protects against various diseases that the body is exposed to, and it is worth mentioning among the most famous alternatives to Chinese salt, such as the following:


Cinnamon is a wonderful spice and a substitute for salt. Lemon is a great alternative to salt. Cardamom is used to add a wonderful flavor to foods. Clove is an aromatic plant that is used as a salt substitute and to add flavors to food.

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