The magic key to prevent hair loss

Many men and women suffer from hair loss, especially at an early stage. Usually, the phenomenon of hair loss is a result of the natural growth cycle of hair. Falling at a pace ranging from 50-100 hairs per day is considered a normal thing. One of the most prominent causes of hair loss is the use of harmful chemical products from shampoos and dyes. Hair, androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, cicatricial, tinea capitis, trichotillomania.


Dermatologists prescribe many medications to reduce hair loss according to the diagnosis of precipitation cases. There are natural recipes to prevent hair loss. But a recent study revealed a magic key to combating hair loss.

The study, published in the “International Journal of Aesthetic Sciences”, stated that the key is to combat the environmental stresses that surround humans, such as exposure to ultraviolet rays and pollution, because these factors ravage the health of the scalp, making it difficult for our hair to remain on top of it.

The study found that the oxidative stress that a person may be exposed to as a result of intense physical exertion causes an imbalance between the oxygen produced and stored in our cells, which weakens the link between hair and scalp.

The researchers used a combination of antioxidants proven to be able to create a protective barrier in the scalp, reducing stress.

The study showed that those who used the formula had 2,400 more hair fibers than those who used an ineffective drug to treat hair loss.

Over the years, many studies have provided evidence that poor scalp health negatively impacts hair quality and growth, said dermatologist Antonella Tosti.

Through this study, it is found that hair loss, even with genetics or aging, may stop when the health of the scalp improves, which is what researchers are working on.






Skin experts and dermatologists offer several tips; To strengthen hair and prevent hair loss, including:


-Massaging the scalp through the use of fingers, gently, and in circular motions for 5 minutes a day, this would promote hair growth, and keep it strong and healthy.

Reducing stress by all available means, such as exercising, focusing on meditation sessions, sound thinking, and other things that help clear the mind of thoughts and problems that psychologically affect the body.

Washing the hair regularly, according to the type of hair, and the degree of its need for washing, and it is preferable to choose a type of shampoo suitable for the type of hair; To help prevent it from falling out.

– Combing the hair when it is wet, it is important not to comb it while it is wet, and to wait for it to dry. It is also necessary to choose healthy types of hair combs; So that it does not cause him harm or breakage

Paying attention to the quality of food through a healthy diet; So that it ensures proper hair growth and prevents its loss, provided that the foods eaten contain all the necessary nutrients, such as B vitamins, vitamin E, iron, zinc, protein, and healthy fats.

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