The long-term effects of the Corona virus and ways to get rid of them

The outbreak of the Corona virus over the past two years has resulted in many negative effects that have affected many sectors around the world, in addition to the damage it has caused to the physical health of everyone who has been infected with the virus.

In this context, medical studies have shown that more than half of the people hospitalized with Covid suffer from persistent problems with cardiovascular and lung function several months after recovery.

It’s still unclear how long it takes for the body to recover once the virus is gone, and medical experts have been warning athletes and active individuals about the dangers of Covid since the start of the pandemic. It seems that some simply will not be able to return to their previous levels of fitness.

For her part, Dr. Caroline Dalton, from a research center at Sheffield Hallam University, revealed that people suffer from muscle weakness and then rebuild this strength by doing some exercises every day, and gradually increasing them until they recover.

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