The effect of swimming in cold water on menopause and menstruation appeared

Menopause of swimming in cold water and regl it was determined that the period alleviated his symptoms.


United Kingdom’scientists from the University of London Academy in London regularly attended the study of 16 to 80-year-old 1114 women swimming in cold water.


While 49 women in the group with an average age of 785 were at menopause during the study, 711 of these individuals suffered from symptoms of the period of menstruation.


Half of the participants said swimming in cold water severely reduced their anxiety.




It was discovered that the menstrual cycle changes brain structure


Of the women in the study, 35 percent reported abating sudden mood swings, while 31 percent reported improvements in negative mood, while 30 percent said their hot flashes decreased.


63 Percent of the participants swam in cold water specifically to relieve their menopause symptoms.


The research, published in the scientific journal Post Reproductive Health, states that this activity “can be used by women to relieve physical symptoms, such as hot flashes, pain, and pain.


In the study, as the swimming time increased and the coldness of the water increased, the positive effects also increased.


A 54-year-old woman who participated in the study said, “Swimming in cold water had a huge impact on my menopausal symptoms. Exercising alone or in nature with a group of women is curative” he said.


Another 57-year-old participant was “Cold water is extraordinary. It saved my life. All the physical and mental symptoms disappear and I feel very good” he said.



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