The easiest way to treat rough feet and hands and get rid of cracks with them

Do my lady suffer from roughness and cracked feet and hands? We offer you the most important home remedies that help treat rough feet and hands and get rid of cracks easily

Treatment of roughness of the feet and hands


Treatment of roughness of the feet and hands


roughness of the foot


The foot is the source of the body’s comfort and its permanent recovery, and the roughness of the foot is a big problem that many of us suffer from.

For the treatment of roughness of the feet


1. Raise the feet from the water and sculpt the dead layer with the pumice stone.


2. Dip the feet in water for a sufficient period of time and then lift them, then take the excess of the water with a cotton towel, then apply it immediately with Vaseline, then distribute it on the feet and rub it well, then wear what retains their moisture, such as a plastic bag and wear light home shoes covered with heels.


3. Apply a moisturizing ointment to the heels of the feet daily.


4. Work must be done to reduce excess weight.


5. Choosing a walking method to avoid hitting the heels in the ground, such as the military gait.


6. Avoid walking in rough and dry places, such as the floor of the house.


7. Avoid standing for a long time, especially on hard ground.


8. Scrub the feet, including the heels, while showering to remove the rough layer.


9. Apply Vaseline or any moisturizing ointment to the heels after wetting the feet, whether after bathing or ablution, whenever possible to prevent their drying.


10. Drinking a lot of pure and clear water, especially on hot days, or whenever there is an increase in sweat or an increase in physical effort; For general skin hydration.


It is not only the feet that are important and cause roughness, the hand is also of great importance.


Causes of roughness of the hand


1- hereditary


2- Using chemicals frequently as cleaning agents.


3- Vitamin deficiency.


4- Extremely dry weather.


5- It is a sign of aging.


6- Accompanying some skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and others.


7- Winter.


Cracks on the hands are more frequent in the winter

During the winter months, the humidity of the air outside decreases, and the percentage of drought increases. Heating devices in homes create a desert-like atmosphere. What makes the matter worse is the frequent hand washing in order to ensure hygiene and to avoid catching influenza viruses, which are usually common in the winter season, which leads to the depletion of the remaining natural oils in the skin. The result is severe and alarming for what happens to the hands of dry skin, peeling and cracking, which often leads to blood coming out of them. Most patients, when visiting dermatology clinics, do not hesitate to express surprise at the incidence of skin cracks in the hands and ignorance of the real causes.


Therefore, hands must be kept soft during the winter and in cold weather

1- Be sure to moisturize the skin from time to time throughout the day, the most important reasons for maintaining soft hands. The skin must be quenched with an ample amount of hydration, as applying the moisturizing cream directly on the skin is what eliminates the signs of dehydration and keeps the water from evaporating, giving the skin a dewy and healthy appearance. For a more effective treatment, it is recommended to use a moisturizing cream in the first morning and then apply it repeatedly throughout the day. There is no need to wait for dryness to occur, but it is recommended to apply moisturizer before the signs of dehydration begin, as this gives better results. The use of a moisturizing cream once a day is not enough and it can be said that it is probably enough to protect the skin for five minutes. Thus, moisturizing cream actually leaves a long-lasting effect if used frequently, five to six times a day. The cream should be rubbed on the skin of the hands, concentrating on the nails and the skin around them, as the nails can be prone to dryness just like the skin of the hands.

2-Orange to soften the skin of the hands and remove roughness and cracks


One of the simplest ways to benefit from oranges is to use the orange peel after removing it from the fruit to scrub the hands, as the juice in the peel softens the hands and removes the roughness and cracks.