The easiest way to make pumpkin soup with coconut milk

The  easiest  way to  prepare soup, pumpkin is a  delicious dish that  can be cooked in  more than one  way,  especially as a soup, so  what is  the easiest  way to  prepare pumpkin soup with coconut milk.
The  easiest  way to  prepare pumpkin soup is  the one that  we will  present to you  today, dear, to  learn it with us  today  so that you can  offer your  family  members pumpkin soup with coconut milk to  benefit from its  great benefits.
Pumpkin soup  ingredients
To  apply  the easiest  way to  prepare Pumpkin Soup with Coconut Milk,  adjust  the following  ingredients, and  follow the  preparation  method below.
1 kilo pumpkin
1 cup coconut milk
 5 cups broth
1  cube  chicken broth
 3 onions, sliced
 3 garlic cloves
butter as desired
Curry as desired
½ teaspoon salt, or to taste
cumin as desired
Black pepper to taste
1 tablespoon parsley for garnish
How to prepare:
Peel the pumpkin and  cut it into cubes
In a  suitable saucepan over medium  heat,  put the butter, then  add the onions, garlic and bouillon cubes, and stir  well  until the  ingredients wilt.
Add the pumpkin, salt, black pepper, cumin and curry, and stir  well, then  add the broth and coconut milk and  continue to stir, then  cover the pot with low  heat and  leave it for 15  minutes.
Remove the pot from  the heat and  let the  ingredients cool.
Put it in a blender and beat it  well  until you get a  smooth and homogeneous mixture.
Put the pot  back on  the fire after beating it  in the mixer and  leave it for  5  minutes to boil twice.
Pour the soup into the bowls  designated for it and garnish with parsley leaves

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