The difference between hair protein, keratin and crystal

Keratin, crystal and even protein are all effective treatments for straightening and enhancing hair While all of them give similar results for hair, there are some key differences that distinguish these treatments that we share with you below.

The difference between hair protein, keratin and crystal

The most common hair straightening treatments

Keratin straightening hair

Keratin  treatment also known as BRAZILIAN BLOW OUT is a chemical treatment used to straighten and smooth coarse and frizzy hair. Typically, many keratin treatments include the chemical formaldehyde that can produce an odor and can sometimes irritate those with sensitive scalps. Formaldehyde-free options are also available, which are less harmful to the scalp.

Its advantages: reduces hair frizz due to humidity; Helps detangle hair, making everyday styling easier; Smoothes curly hair, giving it health and luster; Enhances hair color.

Keratin treatment that nourishes and moisturizes the strands from AWAPUHI

Target group: Hair stylists and product manufacturers generally recommend keratin treatments for coarse, thick or curly hair. If you have thin or smooth hair, a keratin treatment may not be appropriate.

Protein for hair care and straightening

Protein keratin makes up the majority of hair strands, making it healthy, strong and resilient . Protein Hair Treatment is a product loaded with protein that is easily absorbed by the hair, and works to repair hair strands by binding hydrolyzed proteins to the scalp, thus strengthening and repairing keratin and restoring hair health and freshness.

Its advantages: maintains the health of the scalp; prevents hair loss; It reduces hair breakage and makes it soft; Treats and strengthens damaged hair; improves hair elasticity and strengthens its follicles; Enhances the overall appearance of the hair.

Target group: Protein treatment for very damaged, even dry hair. Its results last between 3 to 6 months.

Protein treatment that protects hair from split ends from AVEDA

It is worth noting, that excessive use of protein for hair, leads to the dryness of the latter. Therefore, the frequency of application of protein therapy and adherence to it should be checked. In addition, most protein treatments should always be accompanied by a deep conditioning treatment to restore moisture and prevent hair strands from drying out and breaking. 

crystal for hair

Crystal hair treatment is one of the latest treatments to prevent hair from drying out and give it the necessary moisture. It is based on replacing the hair with the amount of keratin that it has lost due to several factors.

Its advantages: Helps soften hair and give it a silky texture; moisturizes and shines hair; fights dehydration; Contributes to straightening the hair and getting rid of the tangle of its tufts; Fights damage, split ends and even flaking.

KÉRAASTASE Crystal Hair Mask Deeply treats and moisturizes hair

Target group: It is among the treatments that suit all types of hair, whether smooth or curly. In general, a crystal hair treatment requires between 4 and 6 sessions. Sometimes it is recommended to re-straighten the hair every 3 months. Its results last for about a year

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