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The difference between a skin care routine in thirty and forty years? - Care Beauty

The difference between a skin care routine in thirty and forty years?


The skin care routine differs not only according to the nature of the skin, but also on the age of the woman. What your skin needs in the thirties will not suit her in the forties, so if you are on the threshold of forties, we invite you to read this article to learn about the most important differences and similarities of the skin care routine between thirty and forty and change what must be changed .

The most important differences and similarities of a skin care routine are between thirty and forty forty

– Your skin at all stages of its life needs to be cleaned on a daily basis, and this depends on its nature, but you may notice that it has become more greasy with age, especially at the beginning of the forty-day where the menopause stage begins, and a woman may feel bouts of heat as a result of changing hormones, so we advise you to change lotion Your skin, depending on the change in the nature of your skin, but stay away from products that contain alcohol and perfumes that irritate the face.

– The skin at every stage needs to be moisturized, and whether you are in the forty or thirty years, you need to moisturize.

– At the end of the thirties, you notice that the elasticity of the skin begins to decrease, and this comes from the fact that the production of natural collagen in the skin begins to decrease after the age of 35, so you may need to use collagen creams to compensate for the lack of collagen by the end of the thirties.

Sunblock must be applied at all stages of life, whether in the thirties or forties.

– You may need to add creams to unify the skin and get rid of dark spots that you did not notice on your face in the thirties, but in some women, but not all of them, you will notice the appearance of dark spots on your face in the forties, and these spots are due to many reasons, the most important of which is the lack of protection of the skin from the sun well and neglect of application Sunscreen does not show results in the twenties or thirties, but with age, it will appear, especially on white skin.

– If you were lucky and did not notice the presence of wrinkles on your skin in the thirties, the forties will not show mercy to you, and fine lines will appear and wrinkles will increase, as well as lines around the mouth, longitudinal and transverse, although experts stress to start applying wrinkle creams for prevention in the mid-twenties! However, it is not too late to avoid the increase in wrinkles and the inability to control them later.

Today we showed you the most important differences in a skin care routine between your thirties and forties, and we also recommend that you consult your dermatologist to accurately describe to you what your skin needs in terms of change at this age.