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The campaign on vaccination of adults against influenza and Covid-19 begins

The flu and coronavirus vaccination campaign for people over 65 is open this Wednesday (September 27th). They will be able to get the latest vaccine against Covid-19, which is single-dose.


„ Anyone who has been vaccinated or not before can get a new vaccine and it is assumed that it is completely protected against the new variant of the virus. For those who have been vaccinated before, it must have been 3 months since the last dose to be able to get the new ”, explains Dr. Kremena Parmakova from Directorate „ Public Health Protection ” to Ministry of Health.


Regarding influenza vaccines, 370,000 are planned this year. This is twice as much as last, and the goal is to achieve 25% vaccination coverage in the elderly.


The vaccine is completely free and is highly recommended for people over 65, especially those with a compromised immune system. Immunization limits the risk of severe infection to 60% and deaths to 80.


It is important to note that the earlier the vaccine is given, the longer the body will have to build a stable immunity to the virus.



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