The best way to care for brittle and damaged hair


Damaged and dry hair needs special care, especially in the month of Ramadan, and our entry into the summer, where the hair is exposed to some factors that help in drying it out, such as: air conditioning, hair dryer, going to swimming pools or the sea, in addition to repeated washing, malnutrition, as well as the use of dyes. And frequent individual types.

Where the hair lacks its oils and moisturizing materials that damage and break it up, so we offer you ways to care for dry hair through natural and easy-to-use methods:

Care for dyed and damaged hair:

We are now more committed in our homes than ever before due to the banning measures of Covid-19, so the constant exposure to the air conditioner dries the hair and over time may lead to hair loss, as the air conditioner draws the air around us and draws with it the humidity not only in the room but also in Our skin and scalp, this causes the skin to stretch and dry, and our bodies are not naturally equipped to withstand the dry skin caused by home air conditioning.

So this is the right time to take preventive measures to protect our hair when staying long indoors, after the ban ends and we return to social events it is important that we look our best.

Commenting on this, Avishk Choudhury, Marketing Director of Vatika Hair Care Products explains:

«The best way to nourish and protect hair is to follow a hair care routine by massaging the scalp with natural hair oil, which contains ingredients such as aloe vera, garlic, almond, olive and black seed. These are the preferred oils because they strengthen the hair from the roots to the ends. After pampering, let the oil penetrate into your hair. ». And your scalp for 10-30 seconds before washing it with natural shampoo, and during this it is possible to do a weekly deep hair treatment which is an oil bath, using the natural oils (Vatika Oil Bath) that keep your hair moist and shiny even without visiting the salon.

Hair care in wet weather or on the beach

After the ban is lifted, many of us will go to the beaches to enjoy swimming and the sun, and we know that high temperatures harm the hair and scalp and cause it to dry out and split the ends, and just as you care about your skin and skin, you should take care of your hair and protect it by wearing a hat.

And after returning from the beach, you can wash your hair with a natural soap and a natural Vatika oil bath to keep hair moisture.

Use an (oil bath) once a week to nourish the hair, especially in the summer and dry season, after washing the hair with a natural shampoo, add the bath oil to the hair along its extension, then cover your hair with a hot towel for 10-15 minutes, and then wash it and you will notice that your hair has become strong and soft like silk.

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