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The benefits of aloe vera for skin and beauty - Care Beauty

The benefits of aloe vera for skin and beauty


Cactus this plant that is difficult to touch.. It carries within it 10 benefits for the beauty of skin, hair and other benefits

Studies have shown that aloe vera has many benefits for the skin, not only in the treatment of sunburn and the damage caused by sunlight, but also as an anti-bacterial, rich in vitamins and minerals, and has the ability to treat skin diseases such as psoriasis, but cosmetologists have not stopped using it as a treatment but have used it as a



Here are 10 benefits of using this plant at home without the need for additives in preparations, you just have to buy it 100% pure.


1. aloe vera to remove makeup :

 If you want to remove eye makeup without having to use chemical preparations, you should use a little aloe vera juice on a cotton swab only as an alternative natural solution .


2. aloe vera for removing excess hair :

 It is one of the best ingredients used to remove excess hair, it is slippery and moisturizing the skin and facilitates the process of hair removal, using it alone or mixed with other ingredients and here’s how : ( a third of a cup of aloe gel, a quarter of a cup of liquid hand soap, almond oil hanging, a quarter of a cup of



3 – make aloe vera ice cubes for the skin :

 You can put the plant extract in cubes and put it freeze, and then use it later on the skin especially in case of sunburn, ordinary burns, insect stings, or even psoriasis spots .


4. aloe vera gel skin lotion :

 Yes it is great for skin ! Just mix a suspension of aloe vera gel with a suspension of almond extract, and a suspension of lemon and use it as a wonderful lotion for the skin, for the presence of minerals and acts as antibacterial, which makes it useful for sensitive skin or suffering from pimples problems, not only that, but it helps to delay the signs of age, just put


5-aloe vera for skin peeling :

 Aloe vera is an essential component of home exfoliating mixtures, it gives the skin softness and increases its oxygen supply and makes it breathe, for the method: apply half a glass of aloe vera gel with a amount of dark sugar or sodium bicarbonate to get a sharp texture, then rub it on the elbow, heel, arm or any area you want to smooth .


6. aloe vera for a refreshing mouth odor :

 To solve the problem of bad breath, just mix a quarter cup of aloe vera gel pure, dissolved in half a glass of water or apple juice, contains aloe vera for an anti-inflammatory called “sitosterol”, which reduce the acidity, which is a cause of the stench, of its features it can also function as a laxative in large doses .


7-moisturize your skin with aloe vera before bed :

It can be used as a mask for pre-bedtime skin, just put some with cucumber pieces and half egg whites, try it before bed and feel the difference. 


8. aloe vera for eyebrow density :

 It can also be used to increase the density of eyebrow hair, apply a mascara brush to some of it and gently apply it to the eyebrows, or mix it with a little castor oil for a better result .


9. aloe vera softness for feet :

 It is used to treat the skin of the feet, where it is one of the best ingredients in foot moisturizing creams for its ability to turn dry skin into softer and softer, mix ( half cup oats, half cup flour, 4 teaspoons aloe gel, half cup of Moisturizing Body Cream ) and then apply it to the foot and massage it well until it


10. aloe vera for hand sanitizing :

If the hand sanitizer you use causes your hands to dry, try these ( half a glass of aloe vera gel, a quarter cup of alcohol, 20 drops of your favorite oil ) and then apply these ingredients in a spray, alcohol kills germs and aloe softens the skin.


So you know sir, the most important recipes that you may use aloe vera since it’s multiple benefits should be available as you always have .