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The 7 Most Common Unhealthy Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight and Eat Healthy

No matter how much we eat healthy snacks or how much exercise we exercise, we can make the same mistakes when it comes to eating healthy. What we need to achieve a healthier lifestyle is to be aware of these mistakes. Here are the most common healthy eating mistakes…


1. Always consider whole grain products as the best alternative


Insider’a talking Dr. Caroline Apovian notes that many people mostly choose whole-grain bread, but often fail to realize that there is no calorie difference between whole-grain bread and white bread. This leads to the fact that whole-grain breads are less calorie-dense. The same goes for low-fat yogurt and ice cream.


2. Eating very regularly on weekdays and getting a lot of avoidance on weekends


Having a strict regimen on weekdays and taking too many getaways on the weekend and eating too much negatively affects healthy eating patterns. This means that calories not taken all week are taken in one night.


3. Thinking that calories will be sent with exercise


Exercising is essential for a healthy body. But it is wrong to think that we can eat everything we want and send all of these calories through exercise. Dr. Apovian states that a poor diet will reduce the benefits of a successful exercise routine. In a paper published in the New York Times, it is emphasized that diet is more important in weight loss than exercise. So even if you exercise regularly, you need to know that this does not mean that you can eat whatever you want.


4. Adding high-calorie sauces to salads


Regularly consuming salads is a great choice, but the sauce you choose is very important. Adding too many high-calorie and heavy sauces causes us to gain weight without even realizing it while consuming salads. Dr. Apovian “These sauces can add an extra 500 calories to salads. You can use balsamic vinegar instead of heavy sauces” says. (see. at home making apple cider vinegar.)


5. Cutting all carbs and eating only protein and vegetables


The only source of carbohydrates in the world is not pasta and bread. Different foods such as carrots, yogurt, sun-dried tomatoes also have carbohydrates. So it turns out bad to just put protein and vegetables instead of cutting carbs. Instead of cutting carbs completely, experts recommend eating brown rice along with other foods that are high in nutrients, such as quinoa and fruit.


6. Not paying attention to drinks


Eating healthy food is very important. However, it is also very important to consume healthy drinks for a healthy body. Alcoholic or sugary drinks both cause us to eat calories and negatively affect our health. Therefore, it is important to be careful and regular in drinks.


7. Thinking that calories are meaningless


People have different opinions about calories. When it comes to healthy eating, we do not know how many calories we need during the day and the calories we eat. Experts say we can take advantage of calorie applications on smartphones to be aware of the calories that are being taken and needed. In addition, they emphasize that eating with awareness will help us make better decisions and adopt healthy eating habits.

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