The 5 most dangerous foods in the world… stay away from them

Burnt fat can make grilled meat a serious health hazard.

There are foods that pose a risk to health, including foods that may be easy to prepare or popular. It represents a danger that is ignored, and it is better to abandon it. In this topic, we learn about the 5 most dangerous foods in the world.

The German magazine Focus reported on its website – according to Deutsche Welle – that one third of cancer cases are due to an unhealthy diet, and that fried foods in particular pose health risks.

These foods pose a danger to the body’s health:


The famous hot dog meal contains nitrate, which is added to give it color and preserve the meat for a long time, and it forms nitrosamine, along with the protein (amines) found in the meat. Studies have indicated that nitrosamines can cause cancer, especially gastrointestinal cancer.

French fries and chips

Through frying, acrylamide is created, which may cause cancer based on animal experiments. At high doses, acrylamide can also cause nerve damage. This substance is found in foods rich in carbohydrates that are heated to high temperatures.


Delicious cakes shaped like dough rings happen to have, just like potatoes, they often contain acrylamide and trans fats. In addition, donuts contain large amounts of sugar and fat.

Roast beef

Burnt fat can make grilled meat a serious health hazard. When fat falls from meat on the fire, benzopyrene is formed, which in turn contaminates the meat through smoke. These may cause cancer. To avoid this, you must wrap the meat in aluminum foil so that smoke does not reach the meat, or choose low-fat meat.

Food mold

Regardless of the type of food the mold is found on, moldy foods have been proven to cause cancer. Not only that, but the toxins in mold cause damage to the nervous system.

Therefore, the best thing is to throw the food that has mold in the trash, and give up trying to cut off just the moldy part because mold bacteria quickly leave their traces in the rest of the food, according to what Focus magazine reported.

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