Teeth whitening and mouth odor removal

Through this article on our website, we explain to you how to make a recipe for teeth whitening at home with charcoal, bananas or baking soda, as many of us seek to whiten our teeth and resort to using a teeth whitening recipe, whether at home or heading to the specialist doctor, there is a study in The year 2015 proves that Americans have spent more than 11 billion dollars on teeth whitening operations, in addition to the many expenses on home whitening products. In the coming lines, we list the most important recipes used


Teeth whitening recipe


Many of us are trying hard to remove the pigmentation on the teeth, get rid of the calcareous layer and yellowing, and the recipes that help in that


A recipe for hydrogen peroxide or baking soda, which works to whiten teeth significantly with continued use, and is used by placing a small amount of it with water until it becomes like paste and using the brush to brush


Banana peel recipe It is known that bananas are used in many cosmetic recipes and are also used in teeth whitening. Banana peel is very rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium and manganese; It can be used by taking a banana peel and rubbing it on the teeth


The charcoal recipe for teeth whitening uses charcoal powder to whiten the teeth and get rid of toxins. We put water on the charcoal powder, then put it on the teeth for two minutes and then wash it.


New recipes for teeth whitening


Strawberry recipe with baking soda can be prepared by mashing two pieces of strawberry and adding to them baking soda and then rubbing the teeth with them and this leads to an effective result, especially because strawberries contain malic acid


Coconut oil recipe, which contains fatty acids that help whiten teeth


Apple cider vinegar is one of the most powerful recipes that help whiten teeth quickly, but it should not be used continuously because it eats tooth enamel; This vinegar is used by rinsing the mouth, and the mouth must be washed well with water after the completion of its use. Thus, we presented you with a way to make a recipe for teeth whitening at home with charcoal, bananas or baking soda.

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