Take care of your hair by using lettuce oil!

Lettuce is a seasonal vegetable that is mostly grown in the spring when the soil is dry. It is one of the types of vegetables rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber. Lettuce oil has many benefits, especially for hair, which we present to you in the Arab Woman Magazine.

> Benefits of lettuce oil for hair


>- Lettuce oil is useful in improving and promoting hair growth because it is rich in vitamins E.
>- Lettuce oil contains antioxidants that contribute to hair growth. Lettuce oil is used to strengthen hair roots.>

>- Lettuce oil is a smoothing substance for the hair. When using this oil, it contributes to giving the hair extra softness.>

>- Lettuce oil contains 8% of silicon and 9% of phosphorus, as well as a small percentage of
>element sulfur.

> These elements are among the necessary minerals to maintain the vitality of the hair and protect it from the sun’s rays.
How to use lettuce oil:
Lettuce oil is applied to the hair as any natural oil that nourishes the hair.
> When the hair is wet, an amount of lettuce oil is placed in the palm of the hand, and the scalp is gently massaged until it becomes saturated.
> Hair follicles. Then another quantity is taken.
> The entire hair is massaged from the head to the tips of the hair so that the hair gains additional softness.
The hair can be washed with warm water or left on the hair without washing.
Sometimes lettuce oil is placed on dry hair, or it is applied before taking a shower and left on the hair for an hour until it penetrates.

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