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June 9, 2023 admin

The best skin care routine for dry skin

Today we will share with you the best dry skin care routine to restore its freshness so that you can get rid of its impurities and restore health away from the problems that you suffer from.


In the first place, you think about how to moisturize very dry skin in the context of taking care of it, but this is not enough, as it is necessary to follow a set of steps that restore its health and smoothness.


Peeling process


It is one of the indispensable steps that helps you get rid of dead skin cells and thus renew its cells. This step will help the skin absorb moisturizing creams more effectively.


Toner use


After peeling or cleansing, it is necessary not to neglect applying toner to the skin, and make sure that it is alcohol-free to help you balance the acidity in the skin and close the pores to maintain moisture in it.


Moisturizing the skin


The process of moisturizing the skin is essential and necessary, hence the importance of choosing the appropriate skin moisturizing cream that suits the combination of your dry skin, and you can also rely on some natural mixtures that moisturize dry skin.


Sunblock cream


You cannot underestimate the importance of this step, as it will help you protect your skin from sun damage, which can be the first cause of skin dryness. Therefore, we advise you to choose the type that suits your skin and provides it with integrated protection.

June 7, 2023 admin

For a successful foundation

Madam, here are some tips and experiences that must be matched when buying foundation cream. Follow the details with us and share your opinion …


1. Try the foundation on under the cheekbone to match the color before you buy it.




2. Choose a foundation that completely melts into the skin without weighing it down.




3. Choose a color that is very close to your skin color, and do not try to whiten or darken your skin color with foundation cream, because its mission is to cover imperfections and not change the skin color.







4. If you have pale white skin, choose a pink foundation. And if you have dull skin, choose apricot colors. But if you are a dark brunette, choose orange colors.




5. To hide wrinkles, avoid foundation in dark colors that accentuate broad lines.




6. To cover dark spots, use a corrective cream before foundation.




7. If you suffer from red spots, use a green corrector that neutralizes the red color.




8. There is no need to set the foundation cream with a little powder, because the faded formulas are designed in a way that does not need powder.




9. Finally, try on the appropriate color and leave it on your skin for a few minutes. Do not try it on your hand, but rather on your jaw. Do not rely on store lighting, as you can go out into the natural light near the window to check the color before buying it, as this helps very much.

June 7, 2023 admin

Carrot and avocado mask for dry skin

This great mask for dry skin contains just a few of our most popular ingredients. Among the components of this mask are antioxidants, which greatly help in combating aging. Carrots are also rich in potassium, which prevents skin dryness and has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps revitalize the skin. Follow with us the steps of this mask in order to enjoy fresh skin free of any dryness.



* Ingredients:

– 1 peeled and mashed carrot.


– 1/2 of an avocado.


– 1 tablespoon of honey.


– 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil (ie

Oil can do the show (except vegetable oil or coconut oil)





– 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.


– 1 egg yolk


* How to prepare :


– Flatten the carrot by steaming or boiling so that it is easy to mash.


Mash the carrot with a fork until it becomes creamy, or put the carrot in a blender until it forms a paste.


Mash the avocado with carrot pulp.

Note: The avocado must be well ripe




Hard to mash with a fork. In this case, I recommend putting unripe avocados with

Carrot in the blender until it is blended.


Then add honey, lemon juice and egg yolk and mix these ingredients well by hand.


Then spread the mask on a clean face for 15 minutes.


During the waiting period, you can mash the remaining half of the avocado with lemon and sea salt and enjoy it as a snack while you are waiting for the mask to finish.

Finally, wash your face from the mask with a warm cloth and remove the dry skin with it, then apply the moisturizer.

June 6, 2023 admin

The best solution for oily skin with natural ingredients

The best solution for oily skin with natural ingredients

Today, we will share with you the best solution for oily skin, by using a group of natural ingredients that make your skin glow with charm and freshness. By the way, find out the best routine for oily skin care.

Excess sebum in oily skin causes excessive shine, blackheads and acne. However, this problem can be overcome by using effective natural ingredients that we will reveal to you.

tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil contains a natural antibacterial and antiseptic that can be used to purify oily skin and reduce acne formation.

Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with rose water. Dip a piece of cotton in the mixture and wipe your face with it morning and night. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and repeat this method daily. Natural honey

Honey is a natural moisturizer and anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory that often affects oily skin and helps to cleanse the complexion and reduce excess shine. Therefore, follow these steps:

Mix a spoonful of honey with a spoonful of olive oil. Spread the mixture on the skin, and massage it in circular motions to penetrate it. Leave it for 10-15 minutes, then rinse it with lukewarm water. Rose water

You can rely on rose water as an anti-inflammatory and a natural cleanser for facial pores to reduce the secretion of oil in the skin. So, follow these steps:

Mix in a bowl three tablespoons of rose water with one tablespoon of coconut oil. Dip a piece of cotton in the mixture and wipe your face with it. Leave the mixture for 10 minutes, then rinse your face with lukewarm water. Green tea

Green tea contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances, to be the ideal choice for cleaning the pores of oily skin and getting rid of excess oils. To use it, follow these steps:

Put a cup of water on a low heat and add a few leaves of green tea to it and let it boil for a few minutes. Dip a piece of cotton in the mixture and wipe your face with it. Leave the mixture for 15 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

So, with this set of natural ingredients, you will be able to restore the health and freshness of your skin

June 6, 2023 admin

How to prepare skin lightening serums at home

Today, we will tell you how to prepare skin-lightening serums at home, with simple ingredients that contain very useful elements and to treat various impurities in them. By the way, get acquainted with the vitamin C serum for the skin.


Preparing skin-lightening serums at home is one of the great options that help unify its color and give it freshness and radiance, provided that it is prepared from natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin. We will tell you about the methods of preparation, the most prominent of which are the following.


Lemon and honey serum


The lemon and honey serum provides many benefits, especially as it penetrates deep into the pores and gives them the nourishment they need. To prepare it, follow these steps:


Image Source Freepik, Mix 1 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice with 1 teaspoon of pure honey. Apply the mixture on the face and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Rinse the skin with lukewarm water and pat it dry gently. Apply this serum twice a week for better results. Aloe Vera and Rosemary Serum Mix 1 teaspoon A small amount of natural aloe vera gel with a few drops of rosemary oil. Apply the mixture to the skin and massage it gently for 5 minutes. Leave it to dry completely, then rinse your face with warm water. This serum can be used daily to get a bright skin.Green tea and rose oil serum


This serum cleanses the skin and removes impurities that spoil your look. So, follow these steps:


Boil a cup of water and add two tablespoons of green tea leaves. Let the tea brew for a few minutes, then strain and let it cool. Add a few drops of pure rose oil to the green tea. Use a cotton pad to spread the serum on the face and leave it to dry. Apply this serum twice a day.


This group of mixtures will provide you with benefits that will restore your skin’s glow

June 6, 2023 admin

Mint mask to eliminate pimples in oily skin

Madam, today we offer you a quick recipe, especially for oily skin, to get rid of excess sebum secretion and pimples, by using a mint mask. Here is the method


A juice of green mint leaves is made, and two tablespoons of rose water can be placed in order to facilitate the squeezing process

Then we take 4 tablespoons of it and add 3 points of lemon juice and a little salt with two egg whites, and we mix these ingredients well.




And you have to make sure that the face is clean before using the mask with warm water, and we distribute the mask on all the face and leave it until it dries, then we wash the face with warm water, then we pass a piece of cotton with liquid glycerin to preserve and moisturize the skin,

And this mask is used for two consecutive days, then we prevent its use for another two days, and we start working on it

Two more days in a row, and when we feel better, we start to reduce the use.

June 6, 2023 admin

Magic mixture to remove blackheads

In the Women’s Magazine, we offer you a mask that helps purify pores, remove blackheads, prevent the appearance of melasma and pimples, and restore skin turnover. Watch the details and share your opinion with us…


the components :-


2 tablespoons of hazelnut


2 tablespoons of rosemary


2 tablespoons of honey


1 tablespoon of rose water









1. Grind the hazelnuts and mix them with honey, rosemary and rose water


2. Then it is applied to the skin and left for half an hour.


3. Then rinse with water, dry and use this scrub twice a month 3




For those with pimple skin:


2 carrots, grated very fine


egg white


The method The contents are placed in the blender until it becomes a paste. It is distributed on the face and on the area of ​​pimples. It is left for half an hour and the face is rinsed with water.

June 5, 2023 admin

Benefits of vitamin E oil for hair and ways to use it

Benefits of vitamin E oil for hair and ways to use it



Vitamin E is one of the important vitamins that the human body needs daily. It is fat-soluble vitamins, and it is obtained by eating meat of all kinds, eggs, vegetables, fruits and vegetable oils. Vitamin E contains antioxidants that work To repair and build cells, as a lack of vitamin E in the body is caused by genetic disorders, and people who suffer from severe weight loss. Arous offers you the benefits of vitamin E oil for hair and ways to use it.

Natural sources of vitamin E

All kinds of leafy vegetables.
Nuts and seeds.
Vegetable oils.
Fortified breakfast cereal.
peanut butter.

Benefits of vitamin E for hair

Prevent hair loss

There are many studies conducted by a Malaysian university in 2010 about vitamin E capsules, which showed many results proving that vitamin E helps re-grow hair in people with large amounts of hair loss, as it is able to nourish the scalp and protect it from free radicals. harmful.

Improve blood circulation in the scalp

Vitamin E promotes and stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, by helping to germinate hair follicles stronger than before, preventing their loss, and promoting healthy hair again.

Benefits of vitamin E oil for hair growth

By strengthening the scalp and protecting it from infections, through the powerful antioxidants that vitamin E contains, it helps to preserve the hair strands from fading and even promotes their growth and lengthening, so massaging the scalp with vitamin E twice a week helps in preserving the hair.

Increase hair shine

If you suffer from dry, brittle hair that lacks luster and softness, especially when removing the flat, greasy layer that is the reason for the presence of luster and here it is difficult for you to style it, you must use vitamin E, which provides an alternative to the oily layer that gives the hair shine and health and makes it moist and easy to style. .

Rebalancing scalp oils

Vitamin E prevents hair from producing more unwanted or excessive oils in the hair, it also provides the moisture needed by the hair, and provides an ideal healthy environment for the hair.

Benefits of vitamin E oil for tangled hair

When you apply a few drops of vitamin E oil to your shampoo, it works to get rid of hair tangles, protects the scalp and provides it with proper nutrition, and it also makes the hair skin healthy and moisturized to prevent the formation of dandruff on the scalp and add luster to the hair and get it glossy.

Benefits of vitamin E oil for dandruff

Vitamin E protects against the accumulation, accumulation and formation of dandruff on the scalp, by massaging the hair well with it, for a period of not less than 30 minutes or a full hour and washing it with warm water, or putting some drops of it on the shampoo used and massaging the scalp when using the shampoo.

Ways to use vitamin E for hair

The body often gets what it needs from vitamin E through the foods it eats daily. Vitamin E deficiency is something that rarely happens, but if you want to apply it to the hair, it should be applied topically, through a hair mask, through shampoo, or as an oil to nourish the hair follicles. This is done through the following steps:

First, the scalp is massaged well with vitamin E oil.
The hair is combed from the roots to the ends with a wide-toothed comb.
Leave the oil on the scalp for at least 15 minutes.
After that, wash the hair well with the appropriate shampoo.

June 5, 2023 admin

Turmeric for acne treatment

Turmeric face mask to help fight acne, get a glowing skin tone, and help reduce blemishes on your face. Watch the details and share your experience with us..


the components :


3 teaspoons of lemon juice (if you have sensitive skin, you can use orange juice instead).


2 teaspoons of turmeric.









It is an easy and simple natural beauty way to make the skin glow


Mix turmeric powder and lemon juice together so that it is cohesive on your face. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse it with lukewarm water.


As we all know that these natural remedies are safe and effective, but we advise you to try them first on the elbow if you do not feel sensitive to your body. Use it on your face with us. You will always be better and with better healthy ingredients.

June 4, 2023 admin

To get fresh and smooth skin without fat

Every woman seeks to have fresh, beautiful, flawless skin, and today we will give you some simple steps to get rid of skin fat and get beautiful skin.


Here are simple steps to solve the problem of fat in the skin

Use a gel-based face wash: stay away from the cream-based cleanser, as it is not suitable for your skin and leads to more oils.




This is because the face wash protects your oily skin from pimples and infections

This is because it deeply cleanses the pores full of oils and keeps the skin texture dry and smooth.

Example formula of honey, vinegar and lemon lotion:

A natural facial cleanser that is recommended as an alternative to facial cleansers that sometimes damage the skin.

Take a medium-sized bowl and pour two tablespoons of honey and equal amounts of vinegar and lemon juice into it

Then mix the mixture well and massage your face and neck for a few seconds, leave it for 25-30 minutes, then rinse your skin with cold water.

Banana mask

Bananas also have a wonderful ability to cleanse the skin and keep it healthy and silky.

Take a medium-sized bowl and mash a banana in it, mix it with a spoonful of honey, then add the juice of a lemon or orange.

Add as many ingredients as you like until you get a cohesive texture to the dough, then put it in the freezer for 10 minutes.

Then apply it on your skin for 20 minutes and then remove it with lukewarm water.

Don’t forget sunscreen: Sunscreen is known for its irritatingly greasy texture, but it’s still a must-have even if you have oily or combination skin.

Leaving it may lead to bigger problems such as wrinkles, sun marks, spots, freckles, and many more!