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June 4, 2023 admin

What is Summer Detox? How to Make a Summer Detox?

With the arrival of summer, the word “detox” took its place in our lives. In other words, it is the right time to immerse ourselves in the light foods of summer after the high-calorie foods of the winter season. If you missed a lot these days, if you want to give yourself a little break and moreover, if you want to rest your body, summer detox may be for you. First of all, let’s start our article by briefly talking about what a summer detox is.


What is a summer detox?


It is a type of detox made with summer fruits and vegetables. It consists entirely of light vegetables and fruits. It relieves the body, calms and relieves fatigue. When you say detox, don’t think of those waters that make you hungry right away. Summer detox is a form of purification. It is made with healthy vegetables and fruits. The primary purpose is to purify and lighten the body. Summer detox is a special nutrition program that includes delicious summer fruits and vegetables. It is made to rest the stomach that is constantly busy digesting heavy meals and getting tired. It is an ideal purification method especially for those who have digestive problems. It is said that he lost 3 kilos in 3 days. Doing it for a long time harms the body, so it is important to do it judiciously

In the summer detox list, the day starts with a glass of water with lemon. It is followed by green-rich smoothies. Snacks are important, for example, carrots are ideal. At lunch, green delicacies are supported, such as a low-fat salad with plenty of greens. When it comes to detox, a diet based on only liquid consumption and fasting comes to mind, but summer detox is the opposite of these. The purpose of summer detox is to purify and lighten the body. In doing so, he benefits from every food; It offers a nutrition program rich in protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals. All this is of course limited. It is not a free-for-all nutrition program, but it gets support from many vitamins and minerals. It is recommended to apply for a total of 3 days because too much can be harmful. Losing so much weight at once will alleviate the edema in the body, but it is a question mark whether it will make you lose weight more than fat. Such diets are more beneficial for edema. For this reason, it is recommended to be done in between long-term diets.

What should be considered when doing a summer detox?

The first and most important thing when doing a summer detox is to be convinced that it is not a sustainable diet. Summer detox is not done all the time, it is done occasionally to purify the body. Your dietitian or doctor should definitely approve because not every detox is good for everyone. In order not to endanger your health, you must consult your doctor. It is not a suitable diet for those with serious or chronic conditions. It may interact with the drugs you use regularly, so doctor approval will be required again. In order to benefit from the summer detox effectively, it is necessary to keep water consumption at an ideal level. Regular water consumption is very important. The quality of your sleep is also one of the factors that affect the efficiency of the summer detox. You must pay attention to your sleeping pattern. A summer detox accompanied by a regular exercise program will definitely benefit. If you have the opportunity, apply the summer detox with sports. Summer detox offers a limited nutritional option, that is, it is applied with limited foods. This can negatively affect your health after a while, so you should not eat one type of diet for a long time. Summer detox does not support weight loss in the long run and cannot be done for a long time. The only way to make weight loss permanent is healthy eating and exercise. Such intermediate detoxes are effective in purifying the body and without relieving edema. Summer detox does not support weight loss in the long run and cannot be done for a long time. The only way to make weight loss permanent is healthy eating and exercise. Such intermediate detoxes are effective in purifying the body and without relieving edema. Summer detox does not support weight loss in the long run and cannot be done for a long time. The only way to make weight loss permanent is healthy eating and exercise. Such intermediate detoxes are effective in purifying the body and without relieving edema.



May 25, 2023 admin

Reasons for uneven skin tone

There are many reasons that lead to uneven skin color.. It may be because some places are exposed to sunlight and other places are not exposed. This is noticed by those who wear the hijab and do not use sunblock, as the places exposed to the sun appear in a darker color than the natural skin color. Covered with a veil on both sides of the face.


Non-uniformity of the skin color may occur due to the application of sunscreen and its distribution in an uneven manner on the face, which causes the darkening of some places that were painted with less amounts of sunscreen, or places that were completely ignored and were not painted.


In some cases, darkening may occur in some places of the face in the form of brown or gray spots on the forehead, nose, and cheeks. This condition is called melasma, and it requires a visit to a doctor. There are other cases of increased pigmentation that lead to non-uniformity of the skin color, such as the darkening that occurs after Inflammation such as spots after acne or age spots and freckles.


And the reason for the non-uniformity of the skin color may be the lack of melanin pigment production in a specific area, which makes it lighter than others, and the most famous example of this is the problem of vitiligo, which also requires a visit to the doctor, who may be treated using cortisone or radiotherapy, etc., and the problem of colored tinea, which may They appear in the form of light or dark spots, and they also require a visit to a doctor, who often prescribes treatments containing antifungals.

May 2, 2023 admin

Treating anxiety without medication

Psychological anxiety is one of the disturbing pathological conditions that a large number of people in the Arab world suffer from, and it results from thinking about all the details and trying to get rid of them at the same time.


Psychological anxiety is several widespread psychological disorders, and it can also be defined as a state of tension towards the future. According to Dr. Maan Al-Abki, a specialist in psychiatry and addiction treatment.


Psychological anxiety results in the appearance of a group of physical symptoms on the patient, which makes him resort to a number of doctors from different specialties, until he discovers that the cause of these symptoms is a psychological problem, not an organic one, so he is forced to resort to a psychiatrist; Help him get rid of this feeling.


“Madam Net” informs you in the following about ways to treat psychological anxiety without medication, and the symptoms associated with it.


Symptoms of psychological anxiety


Psychological anxiety is accompanied by the appearance of several physical symptoms on the person affected, including:


1- Feeling dizzy and imbalanced.


2- Feeling a headache.


3- Ringing in the ears.


4- Feeling chest pain.


5- Heart palpitations.


6- Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.


7- Muscle and joint pain.


8- Feeling a general fatigue in the body without making an effort.


9- Not being able to sleep.


10- Stress and quick anger.


Methods of treating psychological anxiety without medication


According to the specialist in psychiatry, Malik Al-Shami, psychological anxiety can be treated without medication, by:


1- Deep breathing, which plays an effective role in reducing anxiety.


2- Acceptance of feelings; Because it helps to get rid of psychological anxiety.


3- Expressing feelings, and it must be in a positive way, and paper and pen can be used to organize thoughts, and reduce anxiety as well, with the need not to give in to negative thoughts.


4- Avoid dealing with negative people.


5- Focusing on the present moment, not thinking about the future and thinking about worst-case scenarios. because this causes an increase in anxiety.


6- Changing the skills of dealing with crises, and learning new skills.


7- Not self-flagellation; Because this causes increased stress and anxiety, and leads to an imbalance in the performance of human functional tasks.