Secrets that will impress you to ease the pain of removing excess hair

Excess hair removal is a problem that all women suffer from, because of the pain that accompanies it, but today we are in the Woman Magazine, we will show you secrets that you follow to significantly reduce the pain of hair removal.


First: Never do hair removal in the morning, as the level of pain is at its highest


Before determining the time of hair removal, take advantage of our notes:


1. Take an aspirin 45 minutes before your appointment





This is a great strategy for reducing pain, not only because it works as well as over-the-counter pain relievers like aspirin, but because it has anti-inflammatory properties.


2. Do not set a date for hair removal immediately after the menstrual cycle.


During your period your skin will be more sensitive, so try to schedule the appointment at least three days before your period. And do not think about it during the days of the cycle, because the pain will be at its highest level.


3. Avoid wearing tight clothes or exercising.


Nothing can cause pain like the appearance of pimples in places that have been exposed to hair removal. Therefore, extreme caution must be taken during the 48 hours after hair removal, because the skin will be in the most sensitive state, and any tight clothing can increase sweating and bacteria, and thus pimples and infections. Tight clothes such as tight pants can also cause hair to enter the skin and grow in reverse.


4. Beware of pollution


We do not say that you will go to use public bathrooms, but immediately after the hair removal process, it is preferable that you do not use any public bathrooms or seats. Because the chances of inflammation Ultra .


5. Set the time for hair removal between 3-5 pm


The level of pain is at its highest in the morning

Baking soda remove dead skin

Both of us wish that her skin would be clear of any defects in her skin. If you suffer from the problem of dead skin in your skin, today we in the  Woman Magazine offer you a simple and easy recipe for removing dead skin. Watch the details of the article and I hope you like it and share your opinion with us…


the components :


1 tablespoon of baking soda.


Too little water.




Mix them together and apply it gently on the affected areas with dead skin and leave for 10-15 minutes.





Then it is washed well, and immediately after that you apply a moisturizer to your skin to make it look clean.


note :


The only problem with baking soda is the sneezing effect so don’t be alarmed by that.

How to make a natural blush

How to make a natural blush

blush is one of the makeup tools that women can’t do without in their makeup bag, as it is one of the necessary supplies when applying makeup, it gives a radiant and healthy look to your skin and hides blemishes and dull places in the face, there are many blushes that carry Different brands, and many women prefer to search for a way to prepare blush at home, so we present to you, in this article, a method of making blush with available natural ingredients.

How to make a natural blush

Easily prepare a wonderful blush in your home that you can use constantly and prepare a large amount of it, and you do not need to buy blush from beauty stores, and the blush that is prepared at home contains ingredients that do not harm the skin, while most brands of blush include chemicals that cause dryness Skin and the appearance of wrinkles at an early age, which causes inconvenience to many women, follow this article with us to learn how to prepare blush at home.

the components

Water, food coloring, baby powder.

How to prepare

In order to easily prepare blush at home, apply the following steps:

Put a little water in a small bowl according to the amount of blush you want to prepare. Then add drops of red food coloring to the water and stir the water well. You can control the degree of blush by increasing or decreasing the food coloring. Add baby powder to Mix to get a thick texture. Leave the mixture to dry, then keep it in a container and apply it to your skin using a blush brush. Blush with hibiscus and starch

the components

Half a spoonful of starch. Half a spoonful of cocoa. Half a spoonful of cinnamon. Half a spoonful of dry hibiscus.

How to prepare

Prepare a small container and mix the starch with hibiscus, cocoa and cinnamon, then mix them together to obtain a homogeneous mixture of ingredients. Keep in a sealed package until use.

We have provided you with the best ways to prepare blush at home with simple and available ingredients. Madam, you can try this wonderful recipe now on your skin.