Dry Skin Honey Mask

How to make a dry skin mask? Which of the dry skin mask recipes is the most effective?


Are you ready for a moisturizing homemade mask recipe for dry skin?


Although it may seem very difficult to care for, in fact, dry skin only needs moisture. Although those with dry skin prefer many water-based and oil-based creams, the skin reacts to all products. It peels off, stretches, cracks, wrinkles.


There are also those who try to reduce the tension of their skin by applying oily creams many times during the day, but the skin, which absorbs the cream like waterless soil, is stretched again. Dry skin needs moisture, not oil. Daily moisturizers are not enough to give the skin the moisture it needs.


How to make a dry skin mask?


Honey and butter will be medicine for your skin. Just follow the mask’s description exactly and keep applying it consistently.


Dry and sensitive skin mask


Mix a spoonful of unsalted butter with a spoonful of honey to form a creamy consistency. Apply all over your skin, including the décolleté area.


After your skin absorbs the mask, repeat the same process a few more times.


Wash it off for half an hour.

Thanks to the moisture mask that you can do 2-3 times a week, your dry skin will relax and store intense moisture.


⇒  Dry skin care requires special care. Therefore, you need to be very careful in choosing it. If possible, choose products that do not contain alcohol.


Moisturizing masks are essential for dry skin care.


When cleaning your skin, choose milk and cream forms instead of foam cleansers.


Do you like our moisturizing homemade mask recipe for dry skin? If you haven’t used it yet, be sure to try it. 🙂





How to Make a Chocolate Mask?

How to make a chocolate mask , what does it do? Rejuvenate with the chocolate mask!


The energy that chocolate gives to the soul is undeniable. Applying chocolate externally as well as consuming it makes you feel very good. Especially in recent years, when the value of natural materials has been understood, you can apply the chocolate mask at home and get very good results.


We shares a wonderful mask recipe with you so that you can benefit from the power of cocoa and chocolate, which are also frequently encountered in cosmetic materials.


How to make a chocolate mask?


We will explain how to make a chocolate mask, but first we have a preparation process!


Cleanse your skin with lemon juice


Cleanse your skin before applying the mask. You don’t need to search for any cleaners. Lemon juice will clean your skin and allow it to breathe, and it will nourish your skin thanks to vitamin C.


As soon as you cut the lemon, extract the juice; Be careful not to wait. If your skin is combination or oily, dip a cotton ball directly into lemon juice, wipe your skin and wash with cold water. If your skin is sensitive, make sure to mix lemon juice with an equal amount of water and apply it to your skin. Now it’s time for the ingredients of the chocolate mask and how to apply it.


Chocolate mask


√ 4 tablespoons of cocoa


√ 1 tablespoon of milk or yoghurt cream


√ 1 teaspoon of honey


√ 1-2 drops of olive oil


Mix all the ingredients and leave for 5 minutes. Then, rub it on your cleansed skin by massaging from bottom to top. Wash it off after 15-20 minutes.


You can melt dark chocolate in a bain-marie, or if you are worried about finding natural chocolate, you can grind carob and use its powder instead of cocoa or chocolate.


While applying this chocolate mask, do not forget about your décolleté. You can also apply it to your whole body by increasing the amount of ingredients. This natural skin care mask, which you can apply every 15 days, will repair and refresh your skin.


Cocoa is also used for skin cracks. Vitamins A and E in it nourish and soften your skin. When you examine the ingredients of many creams, you will see cocoa butter. Cocoa has the ability to give moisture in a short time, especially to the skin that is worn out and dehydrated due to the sun or various reasons.



Hibiscus face mask

This mask is very useful for dry skin and the skin in general, as it works on its radiance and smoothness. Follow us to learn more about the mask and share your opinion with us …




1 teaspoon hibiscus


1 tablespoon of honey


plain oatmeal









The hibiscus is placed with a quarter cup of boiling water for 30-40 minutes, then honey is mixed with it, after that we add oats to it to turn it into a paste, then it is placed on the face and neck for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water first, then with cold water

Carrot and avocado mask for dry skin

This great mask for dry skin contains just a few of our most popular ingredients. Among the components of this mask are antioxidants, which greatly help in combating aging. Carrots are also rich in potassium, which prevents skin dryness and has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps revitalize the skin. Follow with us the steps of this mask in order to enjoy fresh skin free of any dryness.



* Ingredients:

– 1 peeled and mashed carrot.


– 1/2 of an avocado.


– 1 tablespoon of honey.


– 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil (ie

Oil can do the show (except vegetable oil or coconut oil)





– 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.


– 1 egg yolk


* How to prepare :


– Flatten the carrot by steaming or boiling so that it is easy to mash.


Mash the carrot with a fork until it becomes creamy, or put the carrot in a blender until it forms a paste.


Mash the avocado with carrot pulp.

Note: The avocado must be well ripe




Hard to mash with a fork. In this case, I recommend putting unripe avocados with

Carrot in the blender until it is blended.


Then add honey, lemon juice and egg yolk and mix these ingredients well by hand.


Then spread the mask on a clean face for 15 minutes.


During the waiting period, you can mash the remaining half of the avocado with lemon and sea salt and enjoy it as a snack while you are waiting for the mask to finish.

Finally, wash your face from the mask with a warm cloth and remove the dry skin with it, then apply the moisturizer.

Turmeric for acne treatment

Turmeric face mask to help fight acne, get a glowing skin tone, and help reduce blemishes on your face. Watch the details and share your experience with us..


the components :


3 teaspoons of lemon juice (if you have sensitive skin, you can use orange juice instead).


2 teaspoons of turmeric.









It is an easy and simple natural beauty way to make the skin glow


Mix turmeric powder and lemon juice together so that it is cohesive on your face. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse it with lukewarm water.


As we all know that these natural remedies are safe and effective, but we advise you to try them first on the elbow if you do not feel sensitive to your body. Use it on your face with us. You will always be better and with better healthy ingredients.

Green tea mask for silky skin

We also know that green tea is very beneficial for health, but did you know that green tea is also beneficial for the skin, as it helps to clear the skin of impurities and works to soften the skin, so that it becomes like the skin of children, clear, smooth and free of problems. Now follow the recipe with us, try it and tell us the results.. Ingredients:


Green tea powder


_ Drops of aloe vera gel (aloe vera pulp) and can be replaced with drops of water.







Mix green tea powder with a few drops of water or aloe vera until we have a spreadable dough.


Apply the mask on your face for 20 minutes, then wash your face with lukewarm water.


After washing it with lukewarm water, apply a moisturizing cream to your skin.


Advice: For better results, use this mask 2-3 times a week, and the results will amaze you.


May you all be beautiful…

A natural and easy exfoliating mask

Beauticians offer you a natural and easy skin peeling mask, and a skin peeling mask that helps purify pores, remove blackheads, prevent the appearance of melasma and pimples, and restore balance to the skin.

Skin peeling mask:

A peel-off mask that helps purify pores and remove blackheads

It prevents the appearance of melasma and pimples and restores balance to the skin.

Ingredients for peeling mask:




Beauticians offer you a natural and easy skin peeling mask, and a skin peeling mask that helps purify pores, remove blackheads, prevent the appearance of melasma and pimples, and restore balance to the skin.


Skin peeling mask:

A peel-off mask that helps purify pores and remove blackheads




It prevents the appearance of melasma and pimples and restores balance to the skin.

Ingredients for peeling mask:

Two tablespoons of ground hazelnuts.

– Two tablespoons of rosemary.

Two tablespoons of honey.

– A spoonful of rose water.

Skin peeling mask method:

Mix hazelnuts with honey and rosemary

Rose water and applied to the skin

Leave it for half an hour, clean it with water and dry it.

This scrub is used twice a month.

Masks for girls to lighten and soften the skin

Masks to lighten the skin, girls always search for new recipes suitable for the skin so that it appears in its best look all the time, as we may neglect taking care of our skin for a long time and when we want to take care of it we seek a strong recipe that gives us a clear result from the first time, and since the last period There was a lot of weather fluctuations between rain and scorching sun, so the skin is certainly affected by these disturbances, but with the recipe that we present to you today, we guarantee you soft skin like children before any occasion.


Natural skin whitening masks


It is necessary that we take care of the skin all the time and not neglect it in any way, even if we only moisturize and exfoliate it as a basic thing, because it is affected by many factors around us and may cause it to become dehydrated, excessive fat exit, or to become inflamed due to the accumulation of harmful substances between the pores, and the natural or ready-made recipes that we buy for the skin It will not be the magic solution to transform the skin 180 degrees, but rather it is a catalyst for improving its condition. With masks, the skin must be moisturized with a suitable type of moisturizer and exfoliated to remove dead skin cells and soften them, in addition to choosing a recipe consisting of ingredients that suit the skin type.


Yogurt recipe to lighten and moisturize the skin


In order to get rid of dark spots in the body or dark spots on the skin, we can use these ingredients together and apply them to the area:


A mixture of two tablespoons of white flour, yogurt and lemon juice. This mixture is mixed after beating it more than once and forming a single mass. Then we spread the recipe on the face or the darkened area. The application is done gently with massage twice to remove dirt and fat from the skin, and we wait for half an hour. After this period, the skin is rinsed With cold water. Aloe vera gel to soften and lighten the skin


It is one of the best natural materials used on the skin because it relieves it of any problem it may suffer from, whether it is dark spots, wrinkles, fatigue and pallor, and all of this in one recipe:


Mix three tablespoons or an equal amount of turmeric and aloe vera gel until they become a creamy texture. We apply the recipe on clean, dry skin for ten minutes only. With the lotion intended for the skin, we clean it and remove this recipe from it

Glycerin and rose water face mask
  • Do you want to know the secret to having smooth and beautiful skin?

A mixture of glycerin and rose water for the face is what you need. For centuries, glycerin has been used all over the world as a wonderful skin toner and when added with glycerin helps you get healthy and radiant skin.

These elements have moisturizing properties that provide hydration to the skin and make it look healthy and glowing.

The mixture of glycerin and rose water has moisturizing properties for the outer layer of the skin. It is an excellent ingredient that is easily absorbed by the skin, and glycerin is a nourishing element such as lecithin and rose water. This mixture is exceptional and has been included in many different beauty products on the market. Glycerin is a colorless, sweet-tasting viscous liquid, while rose water is colorless and made from rose petals, both of which are non-toxic and have been used in many food items and cosmetics.

How to use glycerin and rose water for the face

You can use a mixture of glycerin and rose water together to get a bright and shiny face easily and take advantage of these nutrients for the skin:

1. Moisturizing the face:

As mentioned above, glycerin and rose water have moisturizing properties, which makes it a particularly beneficial ingredient for those with dry skin. Glycerin is also an excellent moisturizing and nourishing ingredient. Because it helps to increase skin hydration and ease the skin’s retention of moisture, and this makes the skin always smooth and soft.

2. Solve skin problems:

Because this mixture is great for dry skin, glycerin and rose water can be used to treat skin diseases such as eczema and dermatitis. . Because it helps you in removing dry and rough skin easily, which is a group of problems facing the skin. It also helps reduce skin irritation, inflammation, and redness. In addition, the mixture of glycerin and rose water works well for oily skin, making it an effective way to protect against acne, pimples, and other oily skin problems. Rose water has natural antiseptic and astringent properties which makes it a good ingredient for getting rid of acne and pimples.

 3. Balance the acidity of the skin:

One of the most important things to have healthy skin is to balance the pH of the skin. When the pH level of the skin is unbalanced, it results in various skin diseases including skin disorder, acne, eczema, etc. Both glycerin and rose water work to achieve the pH level of the skin and eliminate various skin defects, allowing you to get glowing and healthy skin Throughout the year .

4. Make-up remover :

If you spend more money on the purchase of makeup removers. There is a simpler and cheaper way, which is to use rose water to remove makeup, as it is incredibly effective, especially eye makeup. It does not cause any irritation to the skin in addition to helping you to keep the skin smooth.

5. After hair removal   :

One of the most important benefits of rose water for the skin is that it has anti-inflammatory properties, which make it an ideal ingredient to calm the redness caused by excess hair removal and various skin infections. Dermatologist Rachel Nazarian in New York City states that if you experience any irritation or inflammation after hair removal, use a little rose water to provide instant relief.

6. Skin Rejuvenation:

You do not need cosmetic products to resist obtaining a renewed and radiant skin. Rose water and glycerin contain the most effective ingredients when you want to have a radiant skin, as it helps you delay the appearance of signs of aging and wrinkles. When you mix rose water with glycerin, you can get soft and smooth skin, because when the skin gets the hydration and nutrition it needs, it regenerates by itself.

All you need is to take equal amounts of glycerin and rose water and make a mixture to apply it to the skin and provide a lot of benefits to your skin.

7. Control of Excess Oil Production :

If you have oily skin, you suffer from excess oil production, and to control this problem, you can use rose water to control oil secretion. You can make a soft paste and apply it on the face for 20 minutes and then wash the face to clean the pores and control the secretion of excess oil. You can apply it 2-3 times a week.

8. Clean the skin:

Facial cleansing is an essential part of your skin care regimen. And after washing the face with a face wash intended for you. Make sure to use one tablespoon of rose water and add a few drops of glycerin, then apply this mixture on the face using a cotton swab. This mixture is the best cleanser for all skin types, as it enables you to eliminate dirt and dust that accumulate on the face and deeply nourish the skin. Also, you can use it with honey as an antiseptic.

9. Skin Rejuvenation:

In the summer, we need to feel the freshness of the face, especially with the high temperature. Rose water adds shine and luster to your skin. You can keep a bottle of rose water in the refrigerator to spray the face with it several times throughout the day.

10. Anti-aging:

Did you know that skin aging increases with increased exposure to UV rays, pollution, frequent skin care products, especially those that contain harsh chemicals, stress and an unhealthy diet.

All of these factors harm the health of your skin because it leads to the generation of free radicals that work to achieve cell damage, and you can get rid of the resulting damage by using the antioxidants found in rose water. But rose water is not a substitute for anti-aging creams.

Doing your own mix by mixing glycerin and rose water will give you more wonderful benefits, which is what your skin needs to get glowing and healthy skin day after day.

11. Moisturizing the skin:

Winter is the worst time for your skin because it makes the skin dry and rough which is why you should look for a homemade moisturizer. Mixing an amount of glycerin with rose water works wonders for your skin. You can apply it on the face or all over the body to protect your skin from harsh conditions.

 12. Skin Toner:

You can use glycerin with rose water as a skin toner mixture that helps eliminate skin imperfections completely. As we mentioned, the mixture helps you to balance the pH level of the skin. And when using a mixture of glycerin with rose water as a toner, you must make sure that your skin is well nourished in order to get a glowing skin.

13. Clean the skin:

One of the best ways to get healthy skin is to prepare a homemade cleanser. You can make your own cleanser with a mixture of glycerin and rose water. . This cleanser enables you to clean the skin from the impact of make-up, dirt and other impurities that eventually lead to clogged pores.

You can dilute the glycerin before using it, and the best way to dilute the glycerin is to dilute the glycerin in rose water so that you can get the benefits of both.

It should be noted that glycerin is viscous and it is not recommended to use it with other sticky creams. Any glycerin on the skin must be erased before applying the cream so as not to eventually lead to the accumulation of dust and other impurities on the skin. . You can take one bottle of glycerin and pour 200-250 fillings into a bowl and add about 100 ml of rose water and mix them well. For more benefits, you can mix 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and apply this mixture on your skin at night.

To make the toner at home, all you need is 1/4 cup of glycerin and 1.5 cups of rose water, mix them well and store it in a spray bottle that you can use anytime you need it on your skin

Aloe vera face masks for all skin types


You want to get a quick, easy and useful face mask for your skin, today we present to you the ways to prepare aloe vera face masks and how they benefit your skin type and give your face radiance and prevent various skin problems from it. You must follow these instructions step by step to ensure that you get a soothing face mask.

Mask 1:
1 tablespoon of natural brown sugar,
aloe vera,
1/2 tablespoon of milk

Step 1:
Mix the milk and sugar together until the sugar is not granular.
Step 2:
Choose the size of an aloe vera leaf depending on the amount of gel it contains.
Step 3:
Mix the aloe vera gel with the sugar and milk mixture.
Step 4:
Distribute it on the face and leave it for five minutes.
Step 5:
Dry the face with a soft towel

Mask 2
Aloe vera leaf

Step 1:
Peel off the crust from the aloe vera leaf.
Step 2:
Slit the aloe vera leaf to allow the gel to drain out
Step 3:
Put the aloe vera gel on your face.
Step 4:
Leave it overnight, and while sleeping use an old pillow and wash it in the morning.
Step 5:
Wash your face as usual in the morning, and it will feel a little lighter.

Make sure to wash your face in the morning and before bed to get the best results.
Use a clean towel to rub your face with it well.

This mask may be a little pungent in smell and for many people consider it smells bad.

Things you need:
Mixing bowl
Wooden spoon
Aloe vera leaf
Milk and sugar

Benefits of aloe vera masks for the face

. Treating sunburn:
Aloe vera helps treat sunburn through its powerful healing properties at the skin level, and the formation of a layer of cells that covers the body, and acts as a protective layer on the skin, which helps to replenish moisture in it, and because of its nutritional qualities and antioxidant properties, it speeds up healing.

2. Acts as a moisturizer:
Aloe vera gel moisturizes the skin without making it greasy, so it is an ideal moisturizer for anyone with oily skin, and for women who use makeup a lot, aloe vera acts as a face moisturizer before applying makeup to prevent the skin from drying out.
For men, aloe vera gel can be used as an aftershave as a dressing for small cuts caused by shaving.

3. Acne treatment:
Aloe vera gel contains two hormones, auxin and gibberellins. These hormones help heal wounds and are anti-inflammatory, which reduces skin inflammation. And gibberellins act as a growth hormone that stimulates the growth of new cells, allowing the skin to heal quickly and naturally.
The gel acts as a soothing agent which reduces skin inflammation, blistering and itching, and helps the skin to heal more quickly. In addition, in Ayurvedic medicine, aloe vera is used effectively to treat chronic skin problems, such as psoriasis, acne and eczema.

4. Fighting aging:
As we age, everyone starts to worry about the appearance of fine lines and loss of skin elasticity, but aloe vera leaves contain a plethora of antioxidants including, beta-carotene, and vitamins C and E that help improve the skin’s natural firmness. And keep the skin hydrated.

5. Reduce Stretch Marks The
skin is like one large elastic piece that expands and narrows as needed to accommodate growth, but if the skin stretches too quickly (due to pregnancy and rapid weight gain or loss) the elasticity of the skin can be damaged, and this leaves unsightly stretch marks, but Aloe vera gel can help hide these marks easily with regular