Home ways to treat back pimples

Back acne is one of the most annoying things that may affect the body. If your skin is prone to acne, these pimples and pimples do not appear on the face only, but you may notice their presence on the back. Despite this, there are some home remedies that can do a lot to treat acne.


Pimples generally appear in the back area as a result of clogged pores due to increased skin secretion of fat, and sometimes they result from the accumulation of dead cells on the skin, and this condition causes difficulty in wearing some clothes and sleeping on the back, so if you are one of those people who suffer from the problem of back acne You do not need to worry about it, as there are some home remedies that help you get rid of it.


Home ways to treat back pimples and pimples:





1- Cucumber: It helps moisturize the skin and cleans it of impurities, and it works to get rid of clogged skin pores in an effective way when used regularly. with cold water.


2- Onions: Due to the anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties of onions, it can treat back acne in an easy and effective way at the same time. It also helps in treating wounds easily. Two white onions are taken and their juice is extracted, then a few Drops of lemon juice and bee honey, mix well, and finally apply the mixture to the skin, leave it for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse it off.


3- Pineapple: Pineapple contains bromelain, a compound that acts as an anti-inflammatory, and helps protect the back from pimples and pimples. Some slices are taken and their juice is extracted, and it is placed on the back using a small piece of cotton, then rinsed with cold water. This recipe is used twice. daily to get rid of back acne effectively.


4- Nutmeg: Nutmeg is known to contain anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory substances. Therefore, it is used to treat all types of pimples that affect the skin. It is also characterized by its astringent properties, which makes it able to reduce scars and marks resulting from acne. A small amount is taken of nutmeg powder mixed with a spoonful of bee honey and cinnamon powder, mix these ingredients well, and put on the area affected by grains, then rinse well with water.


5- Orange peels: These methods are considered one of the easiest home remedies to get rid of pimples. Some orange peels are taken and dried in the sun, then ground into a fine powder. A spoonful of turmeric powder and honey is added to this powder and mixed well, then placed on the pimples in the back. And rinse after 10 minutes.


6- Tomato pulp: the pulp is considered an excellent remedy for getting rid of pimples and scars resulting from them, due to its acidic properties, so you can treat this condition easily. Cut some tomato fruits and extract the juice in them, and put it on the pimples on the back, then rinse it off after 30 minutes. .


7- Moltani mitti “a type of clay”: it is used to help absorb excess oil from oily skin, and it also works to lighten the pores, which helps in treating the problem of back acne, this ingredient can be used by placing it directly on the back or by mixing it with sandalwood powder and a little rose water To become a paste, use this recipe two or three times a day to get tangible results.


8-: Lemon has proven to be very effective in its ability to treat back acne, due to the presence of citric acid among its components and its astringent properties. Rinse with water. Lemon also helps maintain the pH level of the skin.


9- Sodium bicarbonate: Sodium bicarbonate is known for its exfoliating properties, and it also contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic substances, so it can treat back acne very effectively. A small amount is taken and mixed with water well, then placed on the affected area of ​​the back.

A natural recipe to eliminate dark spots in 3 days

Today we offer you a natural, safe and guaranteed recipe to eliminate dark spots in the skin. Now follow it, apply it, and tell us the results.


the components


Three almonds.


one egg.


A teaspoon of lemon juice.







Almonds are peeled, soaked in water, then ground to make a paste, and lemon juice is added to the dough after mixing it with an egg white.


Put a layer of the paste on the stains, then rinse after 15 minutes with lukewarm water, then cold water.


Repeat it daily.

Mint mask to eliminate pimples in oily skin

Madam, today we offer you a quick recipe, especially for oily skin, to get rid of excess sebum secretion and pimples, by using a mint mask. Here is the method


A juice of green mint leaves is made, and two tablespoons of rose water can be placed in order to facilitate the squeezing process

Then we take 4 tablespoons of it and add 3 points of lemon juice and a little salt with two egg whites, and we mix these ingredients well.




And you have to make sure that the face is clean before using the mask with warm water, and we distribute the mask on all the face and leave it until it dries, then we wash the face with warm water, then we pass a piece of cotton with liquid glycerin to preserve and moisturize the skin,

And this mask is used for two consecutive days, then we prevent its use for another two days, and we start working on it

Two more days in a row, and when we feel better, we start to reduce the use.

Turmeric for acne treatment

Turmeric face mask to help fight acne, get a glowing skin tone, and help reduce blemishes on your face. Watch the details and share your experience with us..


the components :


3 teaspoons of lemon juice (if you have sensitive skin, you can use orange juice instead).


2 teaspoons of turmeric.









It is an easy and simple natural beauty way to make the skin glow


Mix turmeric powder and lemon juice together so that it is cohesive on your face. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse it with lukewarm water.


As we all know that these natural remedies are safe and effective, but we advise you to try them first on the elbow if you do not feel sensitive to your body. Use it on your face with us. You will always be better and with better healthy ingredients.

A wonderful recipe for lightening dark spots in the body in 20 minutes

We will show you today, my dears, a wonderful recipe with its magical effect, which works to lighten the dark places in the body in record time and with natural ingredients that are safe and healthy for you and your skin, and now follow the recipe and apply it and tell us the results.


the components:


Half a small cup of lemon juice.


_ Half a teaspoon of turmeric.


_ Half a small cup of cucumber juice.


Method: from





Mix a little lemon juice with turmeric and cucumber juice.


Then paint the black areas of the body with this mixture.


And leave the mixture on the black areas for a period ranging from 15 to 20 minutes.


Then wash your body with warm water, keeping in mind drying the body well after the bath.


Do not use this recipe on inflamed places or where you suffer from friction, as well as after using sweet or wax, wait until your skin calms down and then use it.

Effective recipes to get rid of back acne!

Some women suffer from pimples on the back and do not know how to treat them. Here, dear woman, are effective recipes to get rid of pimples!


Effective recipes to get rid of back acne!


Cinnamon and honey mask:


Mix 1 teaspoon of cinnamon with 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.


Put the ingredients on the grain and leave it for 15 minutes, then wash it with cold water.


Rose water and lemon:





Mix equal amounts of rose water and lemon juice.


Bring a cotton pad to remove makeup, then put the mixture on your back, leave it until the morning, and wash it with lukewarm water.


Tomato mask:


Put tomato juice on the grains and leave it for half an hour, then wash it with cold water.


You can put it on during the night and leave it until the morning.

The 5 easiest home ways to treat acne at home

If you suffer from anxiety because of acne. In just five steps, you can get rid of this anxiety now. There are many home remedies that help get rid of acne and are inexpensive in money. We have previously shown you the  Method of treating acne with rose water 
and today on the Educate yourself website, we offer you an acne treatment in easy home ways

Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

The first step to getting rid of acne:

Make a list of the items you need. Until you know what it takes to have a clear plan when making natural recipes. And try to collect the useful elements in the mixtures, and if you do not have them, you can buy them.

The second step :

Determine a specific time and day and what you need to implement the natural recipes and let’s learn more natural recipes that help get rid of acne.

Turmeric and honey mask for acne treatment:

Mix one tablespoon of milk, one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of turmeric and mix them well together, apply it to the skin and leave it for 10 minutes before washing it off with warm water. This mask is very useful because honey acts as an antibacterial and is a natural antiseptic. Turmeric is also anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

Egg white and lemon mask for acne:

Mix an egg white with 4 drops of lemon . Beat the egg white until it becomes completely soft and fluffy, then add the lemon drops. Apply the mask to the skin and wash it off with warm water.

green clay mask

1 tablespoon of green clay (you can buy it from a health store), 1 teaspoon of apricot kernel oil, 3 drops of essential oil with the addition of rose water, mix them well together. Then apply the mask on the skin for 10-20 minutes and wash the face with warm water.

Regeneration of skin cells using seaweed:

This mask is very useful for treating acne because it relieves you of stress caused by acne. You can mix 4 tablespoons of kelp powder with half a cup of aloe vera gel and 3 tablespoons of distilled water until it becomes a thick paste and apply it on the skin and leave it for 15 minutes and wash the face with warm water.

Acne lotion:

This lotion is very useful, works to moisturize the skin, anti-inflammatory, a good antiseptic and antibacterial, and therefore an important element for exfoliating the skin.

Ingredients :

  • 1 ounce of beeswax.
  • 1 tablespoon of hazelnut oil.
  • 15 drops of tea tree oil.

You can melt beeswax with oil on a low temperature using a double boiler, then leave it until it cools down and add the rest of the oils. And you can store it in a bottle.

Mask to get rid of scars:

  • 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil.
  • 2 tablespoons of rose oil
  • 5 drops of tea tree oil.
  • 1 teaspoon of neem oil.
  • 3 drops of lavender oil
  • 2 drops of carrot seed oil.


Mix these ingredients together in a bottle and shake well. You can store it out of sunlight for 6 months. It is preferable to use it at night.

Get shiny skin using essential oils:

  • 4 drops of distilled water.
  • 3 tablespoons of glycerine 
  • 5 drops of your favorite essential oil (lavender or orange fruit)


Mixing these ingredients together in a bottle and shaking it, it can be stored for 3 months.

Acne serum:

This serum is very useful for anti-aging, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and works to clean the skin, treat scars and resist wrinkles.

Ingredients :

  • 1 ounce of apricot kernel oil.
  • 12 drops of lavender oil
  • 7 drops of tea tree oil.
  • 1 drop of musk.

You can mix these ingredients together in a plastic box or bottle and shake it well and then apply it for 2 minutes on the face before washing it off.

And here we show more ingredients that help you in making natural mixtures for treating acne:

Almonds – aloe vera  – apples – apricots – basil- carrot root oil – cucumber – primrose oil – guava – herbs – honey – lavender – oats – tea tree oil – turmeric– vitamin A – yogurt.