Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency

Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency


Classic clinical symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency include anemia, fatigue, weight loss, a paresthesia-coated tongue in the paws, and loss of sensation and shaking. The symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency are less well-known, and are not specific to the disease only.


But they are equally common. Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency include memory and concentration disturbances, mood changes (hyperirritability, depression), dementia, sleep disturbances, poor vision, impotence, and other autoimmune disorders. In addition, the probability increases


Heart disease (especially among adults, which may be secondary to hyperhomocytinemia), various disorders of the digestive tract (decreased appetite, hypermotility of the intestines, gas, constipation), fertility problems (in both sexes), and the possibility of an imbalance in the immune system (specifically due to chemotaxis and activity T cells).


Treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency


Treating vitamin B12 deficiency is easy and cheap: giving vitamin B12 injections intramuscularly corrects the deficiency and replenishes the reserve. There are several procedures (a daily injection for two weeks, or an injection a week 4-6 times, and later – one injection every month). There are also medications that are given orally, sucked under the tongue, or applied as an ointment to the nasal mucosa.


For most patients, taking the vitamin orally, with the addition of several other vitamins, is not sufficient to correct the deficiency, but treating vitamin B12 deficiency is able to prevent the progression of the disease in people who are at high risk.

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