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Study: Olive oil may protect you from Alzheimer’s disease

According to a recent study whose results were published in Science Daily, olive oil can be used Regular inclusion of virgin food in your diet can make you less susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease, as olive oil may preserve it

Memory health. It may also combat the accumulation of certain protein substances in the brain that researchers have long linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

After researchers linked following the Mediterranean diet in general to a lower chance of developing Alzheimer’s,The new study came to precisely identify a nutritional component within this diet that may play the largest role in this benefit The potential for the Mediterranean diet is virgin olive oil, which hardly any home in the Arab countries is deprived of.


But it must be noted that researchers have not yet been able to determine whether olive oil can also help Slowing down the rate of Alzheimer’s disease after its onset. The current study has shown that its effect is preventive. As for whether…


Eating it may support the health of Alzheimer’s patients, as this is still under research and study.


How might olive oil resist Alzheimer’s?

It is believed that olive oil may help promote the health of brain cells and the nervous system thanks to its potential ability to:

Reducing any infections that may affect the brain.

Activation of autophagy, a process in which the body is rid of toxins


Some toxins that may accumulate in it, triggering Alzheimer’s disease.

Regular use of olive oil can enhance learning and cognitive abilities.


And to improve memory of all kinds in general.

Other benefits of olive oil for the body

According to another study published this year after the date of publication of the first study mentioned above, it was noted that olive oil does not help


Not only can it prevent Alzheimer’s, but it may also help improve quality of life and reduce the chances of early death.


It has been noted that including olive oil in the diet may help:


Reducing the chances of dying from neurodegenerative diseases by 29%.

Reducing the chances of heart disease by 19%.

Reducing the chances of dying from cancer by 17%.

Reducing the chances of dying from respiratory diseases by 8%.

How can I reap the benefits of olive oil for health?

Olive oil can be used as a substitute for some unhealthy substances, such as mayonnaise and butter.


As many researchers believe Previous studies show that consuming 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil in the diet daily may empower you


From reaping the many potential benefits of this healthy oil.


However, it is preferable to avoid using olive oil for cooking, as it is a fast-burning oil, and it is recommended that it be used only at room temperature.


Room temperature as a dressing for salads or as a healthy addition to some dips such as hummus.

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