Study: E-cigarettes damage the brain and cause cancer

Electronic cigarettes They have presented to everyone electronic cigarettes as the perfect solution for smoking, as it is not as harmful as cigarettes and helps you quit smoking . What a wonderful thing. They presented it to us in its new electronic dress and its dazzling metallic and glass texture, so it mixed between cigarettes and their addiction, between hookah and the intensity of its smoke, and technology with its electronic screen and its metallic feel. And here lies the trick that many and many smokers around the world have deceived, so they began to buy it and it continued until now, and when you talk to someone, he tells you that it is much less harmful and more enjoyable than it and helps to quit smoking  . But what these people are not doing is that they have been tricked and set up to drain more of their money and destroy more of their health.

This is what the days proved.

E-cigarettes and cancer

A group of researchers at New York University in the United States of America issued a report stating that electronic cigarettes damage and destroy DNA and cause diseases such as lung and bladder cancer, and this is what their research has proven. Where they did their research on laboratory mice and exposed them to e-cigarette fumes for a long time, and after conducting the analyzes, they noticed that the DNA of these mice had been destroyed and they had lung cancer and bladder cancer, but they said that they need more time to prove their experiments on humans and this will not be exposing some people to cigarette smoke as long as there is Who is he voluntarily and on a daily basis, but does the matter really stop there?

It seems that smokers who turn to e-cigarettes instead of the regular ones they are addicted to, will not be isolated from the diseases caused by regular cigarettes.

The preliminary results of a recent study conducted on mice and human cells in the laboratory showed that smoking e-cigarettes can increase the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

This research indicated that e-cigarette vapor could be more harmful than previously thought.

This study was conducted by researchers at New York University School of Medicine and published Monday in the Journal of the American Academy of Sciences.

Mice were exposed to this vapor over a 12-week period, at a frequency and duration equivalent to what a human smoked e-cigarettes in ten years.

E-cigarettes and lung damage and cancer mutations


At the end of this experiment, scientists noticed damage to the DNA of the cells of the lungs, bladder, and heart in mice, and a decline in the protein that repairs cells in these organs.


Similar effects were also observed in human cells extracted from the lung and bladder that were exposed in the laboratory to nicotine and a cancer-causing derivative called nitrosamine.


These cells showed a higher number of cancerous mutations.


“Although e-cigarettes contain fewer carcinogens than regular cigarettes, they pose a significant risk of developing lung, bladder or heart disease,” said Moon Chung Tang, a professor at New York University School of Medicine who led the study. .


E-cigarettes cause more addiction, accidents and various diseases


But let’s list some other diseases caused by e-cigarettes.


For adolescents, some studies have shown that adolescents who smoke electronic cigarettes are seven times more likely to become addicted to smoking regular cigarettes than others.


Another study also says that electronic cigarettes and due to their multiple harmful components cause many other diseases such as pneumonia, blood pressure disorder and causing clots, and because they contain electrical parts, some have experienced burns in the face as a result of the explosion of electronic cigarettes in their face due to a defect in the electrical circuit or The device battery is damaged.


electronic cigarette danger


E-cigarette manufacturers present their products as a safe alternative to regular cigarettes.


On the other hand, researchers who analyzed 800 scientific studies on this issue saw that e-cigarettes are nevertheless less harmful than regular cigarettes, and that they may be an introduction to smoking cessation.


Although some countries such as England and their Ministry of Health have released statements that e-cigarettes are less harmful, many other different researches have proven otherwise.


But what matters in this matter is your health, so why would you risk your life in something like this? Cigarette addiction only requires determination to get rid of it, so preserve your health and your money and protect yourself and your family from the harms of smoking, whatever its name, type and cause.




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